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Whats Progesterone Got To Do With The Estrogen Window for Menopause? – 90

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Now that I’ve taught you all about the estrogen window of menopause, I’m sure you’re wondering, “What’s progesterone got to do with it?” It’s only natural that you would post that question. In this video, I’ll answer it. And I might just entertain you a bit in the process.

Yoo-hoo it’s menopause taylor i know i don’t look like myself today and that is intentional i hope i look like tina turner that’s because this tutorial was inspired by tina turner sort of you know how we’ve spent a bunch of time on the estrogen window of opportunity we have spent the last ten videos talking about estrogen as it pertains to the estrogen window

And i wouldn’t be surprised if at this point you’re thinking like tina turner she sings a song entitled what’s love got to do with it and that song came to mind when i was thinking through all the questions you might have about the estrogen window and i thought you’d probably ask well what’s progesterone got to do with it so tina’s song popped into my head as

The perfect way to present a video to answer that question but when i decided to use her song as the theme for this video i was a bit misconceived you know how i tell you ladies that most of what you think you know about menopause is misconceptions well i’m that way about popular music sometimes i think i know a popular song but usually i have it all wrong and

That was precisely the case when i decided to use the song what’s love got to do with it as the focus of this video you see i’m a classical music fan so pop music completely escapes me and when i came up with the idea of using that song for some reason i thought it went what’s love got to do got to do with it absolutely not then and the short answer to what’s

Progesterone got to do with it is absolutely nothing now knowing that i’m not really familiar with tina’s song i went to youtube and i found a video of tina turner singing what’s love got to do with it and i watched the whole thing wondering when is she gonna sing the part that goes absolutely nothing i was just so shocked that absolutely nothing was nowhere in

Her soul i mean i was certain that’s how the song went so then i searched for the absolutely nothing shop song and i was doubly shocked the song that has absolutely nothing in it is an entirely different song by an entirely different artist who isn’t even it’s a song by edwin starr called wool and it goes whoa huh what is it good for absolutely nothing and i can’t

Tell you the rest of the lyrics because i can’t decipher most of them it’s really a pound ii bouncy rocky and really song and it’s exactly the kind of song i don’t listen to so what i had done was take two completely separate songs about two completely different things by two completely different artists and i had merged them into one song but i didn’t know i had

Done that i was certain that i knew tina’s song my friends tell me that i’m way behind and really nerdy when it comes to popular music and they’re right but my misconception proves a point i did with rock and roll songs the exact same thing that you lay these do with information on menopause i vaguely knew two separate things that had nothing to do with each other

And i combined them not knowing that they had nothing to do with each other and i tried to create logic from something completely illogical so we’ll use my mistake as the basis for this video we’re still talking about the estrogen window of opportunity and the question is what’s progesterone got to do with it and the answer is absolutely nothing now i’m not gonna

Be singing my way to this video i sing classical music and you know latin and stuff so this is not my thing but why should you care about watching this video well you should care because it’s crucial to every woman who gives any attention to progesterone for menopause and this video will clear up a lot of your misconceptions okay as usual let’s go back to basics

I’ve taught you about the three human sex hormones right you know that there’s testosterone there’s estrogen and there’s progesterone and the three hormones are just like the story of goldilocks and the three bears we’re gonna ignore goldilocks for now what we care about are those three bears i mean i know it’s weird to be standing here looking like tina turner

Telling you about the three bears but that story will help you understand the three sex hormones you see the great thing about the three bears is that each bear had his or her own stuff papa bear had his own bed his own share and his own porridge mama bear had her own bed her own chair and her own porridge and baby bear had his own bed chair and porridge too and

Just as each item belonged to only one bear each of the three sex hormones belongs to only one member of a human family the sex hormone testosterone is the adult male hormone so it belongs to papa bear and the sex hormone estrogen is the adult female hormone so it belongs to mama bear and then there’s progesterone now women tend to think of progesterone as one of

Their two sex hormones but it isn’t it isn’t your hormone progesterone is the baby’s hormone it belongs to baby bear i know i know you’re scratching your head saying wait a minute well finish your head scratching and i’ll put this into perspective for you remember a tutorial nine when i taught you that the literal translation of pro gesture own is pro which means

In support of jest which means pregnancy and own that means hormone progesterone is the hormone in support of pregnancy and the only reason you produce progesterone at all is to support a pregnancy it has no other purpose it maintains a thickened lining in your uterus to cushion a baby if you should get pregnant and then it supports the pregnancy until the baby is

Born and if you don’t get pregnant progesterone is what causes that thick and lining and uterus to shed and that’s because there’s no need for a cushion if there’s no baby so the only reason you produce progesterone is for the benefit of a pregnancy in other words progesterone is not your hormone it isn’t there for you it’s for the baby period and progesterone

Has absolutely nothing to do with any of your other bodily functions besides making it for you to get pregnant and stay pregnant long enough to deliver a healthy baby that makes sense doesn’t it the problem is that so many women have been led to believe that progesterone is their hormone rather than the baby’s hormone many women believe it’s just as important

To their bodies as estrogen and many women believe that progesterone is more important than estrogen none of those things is true that’s as backward as my merging of the two songs what’s love got to do got to do with it and absolutely nothing they have nothing to do with one another to put it into perspective recall that in your reproductive years your estrogen

And progesterone balance each other during your monthly cycles it looks like this where estrogen is high in the first half of your cycle and progesterone is high in the second half of your cycle so they balance each other now what’s happening there what’s happening is that estrogen begins the lining of your uterus and progesterone causes it to shed that’s what’s

Happening every single cycle and then when menopause comes along both your estrogen and your progesterone disappear they’re almost zero so this is menopause here but you’ve learned that your entire body depends on estrogen and the estrogen window is about taking estrogen to prevent diseases that are associated with menopause it’s about taking estrogen to prevent

Heart attack osteoporosis and alzheimer’s disease why because estrogen is your hormone progesterone is not your hormone so you take estrogen to prevent these days cases and progesterone has absolutely nothing to do with any of that but what happens to your uterus if you take estrogen at menopause it thickens the lining of your uterus which can lead to uterine cancer

So you have to take a dosage of progesterone to balance your dosage of estrogen and the dosage of progesterone you need will depend on the kind of progesterone you take so there are a bunch of crazy names for the different kinds of progesterone i’m gonna show them to you now there’s medroxyprogesterone acetate micronized progesterone nor a thinner on acetate nor a

Thin drone and progesterone gel now you don’t have to know those names what you need to understand is that the necessary dosage of progesterone to balance your dosage of estrogen will vary depending on which of those progesterone you use so as usual i’ve made you a chart so that you have this information really available and the charts gonna show you the standard

Dosages of progesterone to balance the standard dosages of estrogen that i gave you in tutorial 85 the chart is available in the descriptive section of this video right below the screen and it’s available on my website which is menopause tailor dot me so here’s the chart so to summarize what you’ve learned in this video progesterone has absolutely nothing to

Do with the estrogen window but if you take estrogen to prevent diseases associated with menopause and just still have your uris you have to take a dosage of progesterone that will balance the estrogen and protect your uterus from uterine cancer okay that does it for tina turner and edwin starr what’s progesterone got to do with it when you’re talking about the

Estrogen window absolutely nothing enjoy your week i’ll be back to being menopause taylor in a week and i’ll see you then in the meantime follow me on facebook twitter and instagram bye you you

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What’s Progesterone Got To Do With The Estrogen Window for Menopause? – 90 By Menopause Taylor