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When Should You Increase The Dosage Level? [ADHD Meds]

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What’s up adhd crew today i think it’s important that i address the burning question of when do we increase the medication dosage first and foremost if anyone’s new i’m not a medical professional please please do consult your doctor this is just my opinion and it’s just what i’ve experienced in my experience it takes around six months at least to really notice a

Significant decline in the effectiveness of any given medication though some of you may experience this situation much much sooner and others it may be much later it all depends on your genetic sensitivity so a little back story for anyone who’s not familiar with my journey on this channel i’ve been taking extended release vivants and i’ve been taking this on a

Weekly basis for about one whole year and i’m starting to realize that my standard 30 milligram dose of this only feels slightly better than an unmedicated day on a good day i mean it’s still there it still quietly works in the background and i still notice a small come up when it kicks in but in all honesty it’s kind of like i’ve just had a really strong cup

Of coffee so what i’ve been doing is strategically taking an additional half a dose on top of my original dose it is possible to spread the dosage of vivants by removing the powder from inside the actual capsule and sprinkling it into a glass of water or you can just pull it apart and just put it in your mouth like that so i’m at the stage now where i’m really

Experiencing some tolerance and i think it’s probably the case that i’m going to need maybe 40 to 50 milligrams instead and i was pretty concerned about doing this because i thought well maybe i’m gonna have some really bad side effects if i just suddenly start adding in extra when i shouldn’t do it and i should go to the doctor but something surprised me i can

Go maybe a whole week without taking a single pill the first day back which is today felt virtually nothing it’s it’s crazy i mean i do feel a difference but it’s nothing like how it was when i first started taking it in my old video regarding vivants i talked about having really intense side effects and how i actually wanted to quit so needless to say even though

My tolerance is developed the side effects have also diminished and you’ll find that with any kind of medication that you get used to now splitting the dose up kind of works for me because i only take my meds a few times a week so i can focus on my business and i have a lifestyle that allows me to get away with not taking it and i just have a healthy lifestyle to

Give me the best performance possible when i’m not medicated but obviously if you’re taking it every day if you have an extra dose on top you’re gonna fly through the medication and if you’re paying for it it’s gonna get expensive so simply put when you have tried everything and your current daily performance just becomes a significant problem then yeah you can

Probably say that it’s your best bet to inquire about increasing the dosage if you want more information on tolerance and the mechanism behind it i do have an older video that you can check out and i’ll leave it in the description box below or you can click on the video at the end of this video the problem with increasing the dose is that the faster you do it the

Faster you’re going to develop tolerance which is obviously not helpful because you want to get the most out of the meds as you can right and you don’t want to get to the stage where not even the highest dose works for you it should be several years down the road ideally of course the longer you can go without increasing the dose the less you’ll feel the need to

Constantly chase what you consider to be your best self so just get your lifestyle in check and make sure that you’re getting enough sleep sleep is super important with medication right because if you don’t have enough sleep it kind of cancels out the benefit an awful lot of it you’ll kind of get this feeling of being zombified but not being able to focus which

Really sucks another thing you might want to avoid is vitamin c or anything too acidic such as citrus fruit i mean it’s okay to have in your diet in general but you kind of want to strategically eat those foods later in the day once the meds have worn off because for some reason it seems to have some kind of interference and it interacts negatively with the drug

But you don’t have to increase the dose straight away don’t rush to the doctor see what lifestyle habits you’ve got that you can change and improve you can also include an additional supplement to raise the dopamine levels so it’s just something to bear in mind

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When Should You Increase The Dosage Level? 💊🤔 [ADHD Meds] By Stuart Anderson