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What is good everybody it is your boy chris crowley today’s episode we’re going to talk about how to keep going when your motivation starts to fade enjoy what is good what is good what is good it’s your boy chris crowley desire for iron fitness desire for thank you so much for joining us today please be sure to hit that like comment below subscribe to

This channel hit that bell notification so you can be alerted when we come up with more content i am going to ensure that i have an episode coming up at minimum every monday it’ll be 4 a.m eastern time when it’ll get published so then that way you can start your monday off with uh with the show i really appreciate all the support that i’ve gotten from you all so

Far i love you very much and i just want to keep this train going so i want to talk about how to keep going once your motivation fades uh motivation is great but motivation really doesn’t last long let’s be honest um we’ve all done it i’ve done the whole thing where i got all motivated to start up a program you know pick your program um like i was doing years

And years and years ago uh like a clean and press and swing protocol you know something along those lines and i would just never get all the way up to the top of that thing where i was you know like pressing the 70 pound or the 88 pound kettlebell and snatching it or something i just never got there because the motivation would fade and i would just stop doing

It um and i’m walking rocky right now and he’s decided he’s going to sniff this little cable box all right now you’re going to run into these things too no matter what uh fitness program you endeavor into whether you’re deciding you’re going to really radically transform your physical appearance via you know like a bodybuilding regimen or you’re going to start

Doing some crossfit or uh you know maybe you are going to do one of the different kettlebell programs out there um it’s gonna happen after you know a couple weeks you’re going to notice maybe you’re just not as motivated as you used to be and uh you know maybe that monday when the alarm goes off at you know whatever time you’re going to go you know what maybe

I can go ahead and sleep in right and so you do you sleep in you know i’m gonna give my body a break today that kind of thing then next you know that one day you took that break turns into three or four days and actually no it turns into a week two weeks three weeks now you find yourself back where you started if not worse right that’s because you’re relying on

Motivation and that determination or discipline uh as i’ve said in the past you’ve got to figure out what your why is once you know your why the how isn’t that important the how is just what you got to do but your why has got to be specific to you um maybe it’s going to be really selfish maybe you’re wanting to get your ex-wife jealous and go huh see what you left

Woman you know or maybe it’s just you know you want to look better with your clothes off whatever or maybe just maybe you’re wanting to get into really good health uh if i’m going to tell you my why maybe my why will help inspire you at the beginning of my journey started with i would say it was somewhat uh selfish and at the same time it was um i wouldn’t

Say altruistic but it was for the betterment of my family life so i was in my 40s i think both of my kids while my youngest son was still at the house my oldest was already out of the house he was going to college but uh you know my health problems were just getting to me and uh i’ll be 48 in a couple of weeks 48 was how old my father was when he had his first

Stroke and i’ll never forget that day that i got informed of it i didn’t know the day that he had his stroke i learned a couple days later i was uh i was at i was at an academy uh for my job and i was in georgia my wife and my mother my parents are split up so my father’s in chicago my mom was in south carolina they came my my wife and my mom came down to visit

Me right and you know we’re talking bs and and then my mother says your father’s had a stroke over the weekend he’s okay oh that’s nice that i’m finding out now so you know i call my pops and uh he’s got his speech is a little slurred from the stroke and uh he recovered just fine but he had the second stroke he’s still alive but he hasn’t fully recovered in fact

He’s he’s pretty much immobile um like he just sleeps in a and lives in a hospital bed at home uh and he’s only 72 right so as i’m looking at my health problems they weren’t much different than his high blood pressure he was type two he’s type 2 diabetic and i was close so that was my why to get into shape now as far as goes so far as competitive you know be a

Competitive bodybuilder yeah that was pro if i’m going to be honest i was selfish reasons i wanted to look good i wanted to compete i wanted to do something but i also wanted something to keep me determined and keep me disciplined i knew that if i was going to compete any sort of serious level i was gonna have to get into great shape i could have just kept doing

What i did in 2019 and show up as that chubby guy in trunks i’m not hurting anybody and i’m having fun and i’m making great friends or i can actually show up with the intention to win well you know you do the math i decided i was going to show up with the intention to win so you got to find your why and it’s got to be extremely specific all right it can’t just be

Oh i just wanna you know i just want to look better why do you want to look better okay what’s deep down inside you draw out your pain okay there might be a painful reason as to why you want to get in a really good shape all right draw that out let that motivate you let it take you off okay uh maybe you were bullied a lot in high school or school because you were

Chubby all right maybe uh you know maybe people maybe at the place where you’re working at right now no one really respects you much because you’re walking around chubby and you’re like you know what screw these guys i’m gonna prove to them something all right people i work with quite quite frankly there’s a couple of them who are real freaking jerks and when

I was fat that probably wasn’t a day go by that i didn’t get a fat joke and if i’m gonna be honest there wasn’t a day go by i didn’t crack fat jokes on some of the other guys in the office who were fat right i was a dick i’m not gonna i’m not gonna sugarcoat it so get to your why and it’s got to be a strong y and then i’d also say this much once your motivation

Starts to fade push yourself create a goal i’m firmly believe that in the realm of amateur especially in the natural bodybuilding uh arena there are so many divisions out there that you can compete in that will keep you honest and keep you on track you know there’s like the wellness divisions there’s a transformation shows there’s all sorts of things you just

Gotta find one all right and then you’re gonna meet some of the coolest people ever you know i mean yeah we’re all there to compete but we’re really there to just celebrate with each other too because a lot of us especially in the natural amateur ranks really overcame a lot to get to where we’re at so you could be that same person and you’ll end up inspiring

Other people i mean this we’re all in this world together so doing these types of things you know it helps other folks too and you know you can be a part of that movement so i guess what i’m saying is it’s important to find your why it’s important to figure out what it is i know i’ve said find your wife find your way i know i’ve said that a thousand times and

I’m going to say it a thousand more times uh not in this video but throughout the course of uh this channel all right so it’s important to find your why it’s important to find out what exactly is going to make you tick and keep you going because motivation is going to last just a couple of days maybe a couple weeks and then you’re gonna say screw this all right

But what’s going to keep you determined what’s going to keep you disciplined and if that requires competing then god bless you let’s do it all right folks that’s enough for today be sure to check out desire um really excited about the new packages i put out there the gold and the platinum package be sure to use desired 10 at checkout for 10 off thank

You again for watching comment below and uh have a beautiful day bye

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