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Where I’ve Been

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Hi! In this video I tell you where I’ve been for the past couple of months. Hope you enjoy!

Hi so i realized i haven’t made a video in a very long time and i have a lot of good reasons why so i thought why not tell you them as the first video starting making videos again so i wrote a lot of the things that have happened down and i’m going to tell you about them so in may i wanted to a special video because i’ve made 12 is not far awareness day and

Its just oh cool what about doing like what fire now just like in real life and like filming like times you’re like my favorite or make it visible like filming when it was that kind of his walk when i disney i was having trouble walking or like what i couldn’t like speak properly or like stuff like that oh cool so i filmed a bunch of things and like oh cool and

Then may 12 um i’ll oxide house okay awesome it’s my 12 oh that was where i go purple i’ve dyed my hair purple it’s faded now um so excited and i like i went school and then on accident is going to want to hug this girl that was standing right next to me and she slammed the corner of a book into my temple and i got a very very bad concussion and i was not able to

Do anything including watching tv i can’t look at a screen i couldn’t read i couldn’t do anything i was staying home laying in bed all day for months and then eventually like i could look listen to stuff for a little bit and then i could kind of watch tv for a little bit and i kind of read and then the worst part about that was um i was already kind of a little

Behind in schoolwork so that wasn’t the best and then also i had just gotten my first job from the summer so eventually like halfway through the summer i think i was able to start working actually working at my job and the job was really nice it was like we understand it’s okay just let us know when you can come back so they’re probably understanding and my school

Has been really understanding they’re giving because at eight weeks worth of stuff i had missed so i have eight weeks to complete at all which i can do so this will have been really awesome about that and yeah and then after that i cut my hair again just like my sisters actually just a little shorter as you slowly like shaved all right here and around because i

Decided that i wanted to shave design in the side of my hair cells look look cool and i still want done that yet but i’m going to get a daisy shape and inside in my head and i think that’ll look really cool um i got a summer job at my local water park working out in the kitchen that was really cool actually able to do it which was really cool um yeah i basically

Sent spent my summer working resting and trying to get better um i’ve been catching up on school work a lot so i haven’t had time to like write and make videos since that’s what i do in my spare time and now my spare time is doing school work from last year uh yeah so i just and then now um i also started this thing called to do tuesday and flower come friday so

Every tuesday i wear 22 um and every friday i wear a flower crowd and i’m thinking about starting to sell them like on facebook so all link is that somewhere when i actually ended up um school started i’m a 10th grader this year and have history and spanish and vance dance at the high strahler high school and then i do the rest at independence which is really cool

Basically same thing as last year i’m trying to hopefully get back dancing something else that happened is i took my permit test first type i a failed because i was sick and i wasn’t feeling well so i couldn’t focus on it and they’re also so bored so weird lisa i just had so much trouble with it second time i passed about my permanent i’ve been driving around i was

Actually before i got my concussion and so i just stopped when i was catching cuz i couldn’t drive i could barely walk so i couldn’t drive and so i just turned 16 last tuesday on the fish and so so the guy permanently i don’t have i’m not getting my license until the 29th doesn’t have the test and hopefully i will pass oh yeah that’s kind of all this happened my

Life checkers is still here and and i’m pretty good um i’m happy with up above my life is and hopefully one of you started making more videos hopefully if not like the once a week like every two weeks or every month or something can i miss it a lot so yeah that’s everything new that’s why i’m gone i’ll see you next time bye

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