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Which Diabetes Drugs Cause Cancer? SUGARMD

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Diabetes and cancer. How do Diabetes drugs play a role? My patients ask me” Do Diabetic Drugs Cause Cancer? ” That is an interesting question. The answer is not yes or not but here Dr. Ergin will explain whether and how diabetic drugs cause cancer. Metformin, Trulicity, Victoza, Ozempic, etc all are sometimes blamed for causing cancer. Is that true? Does diabetes cause cancer by itself? Which diabetic drugs cause cancer in reality? Are they totally safe or should you avoid certain diabetes drugs to avoid cancer?

Hey guys this is dr ahmed ergin i’m an endocrinologist and today i’m going to talk to you about diabetes drugs and cancer of course i cross off the cancer because i don’t want to get it so a lot of people have questions about diabetes drugs and cancer the first question that comes to me when i try to prescribe medication does that cause cancer and my answer to this

Is uh yes or no all right so i’ll tell you why it is yes and no uh and mostly no but i’ll tell you when you need to avoid a certain medication for your personal case so stay tuned let’s get into the video now all right diabetes drugs so we have a lot of drugs to cover up today so i’m going to classify these drugs and you will easily identify what you are on so we

Have common drugs what are they metformin so that drug is commonly questioned about cancer right we’re going to go over that what other drugs are there sulfonylureas i’m going to call them sulfur if the name is too long and to write it down so these are glucoside glycopride anything that starts with gili gli okay if you have a drug the sun is gli that is alpha

Okay and the third class is glp one class this class has been very very popular recently and there is a lot of questions about these drugs what are they authentic these are your drugs okay ozempic trilocity etc etc so you just heard so all right so the next one is sglt2 inhibitors these are the medications that make you pee the sugar what are they involcana in

Invakana uh giardians and steglatra all right for a second i had a uh uh brain pause all right so these are the main medications now of course we have insulins right insulin i hate it i hate insulin insulin is like a uh typically what we call is like a necessary evil sometimes we have to do it but most of the time i try to avoid insulin i try to get people off the

Insulin because if anything insulin is the real deal here when it comes to cancer and we’ll talk about that right now all right so let’s start with metformin now guys i’m gonna make it easy and sweet for you i’m not gonna like you know take your time too much here metformin does not cause cancer period metformin actually reduces cancer guys please remember that

Metformin religious cancer this has been studied hundred times because studies show consistently patients with diabetes who are on metformin are much much less likely to die from cancer compared to patients who refuse to take metformin or peninsula cannot take metformin for one or the other reason those people end up with more cancers okay remember that this has

Been studied so many times recently there was a recall because some of the companies actually did a good job they contaminated metformin with something and that was potentially carcinogenic and fda 10 god is toughest one of the toughest regulators in the world fda in the united states that’s why any drug in the world comes the united states last even if it is

Produced in the united states it will be approved in europe first before that it gets approved in the united states because fda has very strict regulations uh unless somebody interferes like a president but uh other than that you know it’s very good uh so sulfonylurease glucoside glyphopyrid uh glucoside whatever the in some countries are different names uh

Glutaride glyceride and glucoside is the most common ones in the united states now i’ll tell you a secret here there’s no study to say that the glucoside actually causes cancer but but the thing is this anything that increases your insulin in your body and there are a lot of studies that says excessive insulin is the main reason for cancer because insulin is

A growth factor okay if you didn’t know that you will you can ask around a lot of people actually especially bodybuilders will even abuse insulin to build muscle the insulin is a builder if you work out you will build muscle and if you don’t you know a lot of protein and sugar etc because it’s an anabolic hormone if you’re not an athletic person you will build

Fat yeah you will build something if it is not muscle it’s going to be a fact so insulin makes things grow as a result people with insulin resistance even if they’re not diabetic with high insulin levels they are going to end up having more much more cancer it’s been proven 100 times people with insulin resistance end up with much more cancer and the reason

For that is the excessive insulin levels now supplements increase your insulin level all the time it’s a problem you need insulin only at certain times of course you need a small basal insulin but you need a big chunk of insulin when you eat and after two hours you don’t need it anymore with the cell phone urease your insulin levels go up and stay up that’s a

Problem taking insulin is the same way i’m gonna jump to insulin because we’re talking about insulin here taking insulin the same way now the thing is now question is well if the insulin causes cancer should i not take the insulin but insulin does not directly cause cancer okay so what insulin does insulin just makes things grow so if you already have a cancer

Trying to grow in your body insulin will just make it easier now on the other hand if you don’t take insulin you are not going to be in a good position if you have to take insulin but you don’t then you’re gonna probably end up with complications and die way sooner than having a cancer you see what i’m saying here so not taking insulin is not the solution the

Solution is taking less insulin or trying to stop insulin while keeping your blood sugars regulated so you cannot just let your blood sugar go high and stop insulin for being fearful of cancer and then you know then your blood sugars are high so you didn’t win anything you’re still losing so try to reduce your insulin resistance that’s the key that’s why i

Don’t like to solve the drugs because they do not help your insulin resistance now glp1 is vlt2 drugs are good drugs by the way i forgot to mention i forgot to mention the paella glutathione it’s not popular anymore but a lot of people are still using it because it’s inexpensive and it’s commonly available pioglitazone pioglitazone is another i call this pile

It’s a it’s a long name so just call it pie and make it easy uh piyogothazone is also another drug uh that actually is very good for to reduce the risk of cancer which will have a touch page but uh glp1 is vlt2 drugs uh are the two true class gp1 remember the ozenpic trelocity your uh victoza rubelsus uh rebels is actually the the latest addition with which is

The oral form of ozempt which is wonderful because people used to shy away from injections but now we have a pill for it so glp1 the pill fermenter balances and there’s a bunch of other injections and the glp1 class will make you lose weight will reduce your insulin resistance all this good stuff but on the label on these drugs on any drugs it could be ozempic

Rebels truly city whatever it is you will see that they will say oh you know the rats had cancer the question is are you a rat or not that’s the question if you’re writing on people you may get cancer i’m just kidding all right so the thing is rats are different animals okay we are thinking animals yes we are but the rats are very different so the rats have

Receptors that are different than us okay and um especially for medullary thyroid cancer which is super rare thyroid cancer and pancreatic cancer which is also a rare although it’s deadly but it’s super rare cancer now in human studies on tens of thousands of people we do not have a signal to say that any of this glp1 class any of these medications again i’m

Talking about the whole entire class don’t think that i’m getting paid or something here uh i’m i’m talking about the entire class these class all have the same indication or label or warning i would say a warning and the only time we don’t give these medications to certain patients if they have a family history of pancreatic cancer or medullary thyroid cancer

Not every thyroid cancer people get confused about this there’s a bunch of different thyroid cancers medical retire cancer is only three percent of the entire thyroid cancer family so it’s extremely rare and it’s not it’s very different than the rest of the thyroid cancers so if you have family history of pancreatic cancer or medullary tire cancer i do not give

It to patients even if they are asking for it and the reason for that is liability i don’t think they cause cancer but guess what i am not going to get sued for something stupid like this and i am not going to give it to you i’m sorry and it isn’t there it’s just somebody has a family history of it don’t use it and maybe there’s something maybe if you’re really

Prone to it like you know rats are prone to it but if you’re a human being who is also prone to it due to family three then you’re not gonna get it uh so uh that is one thing with glp1 so if you as long as you don’t have that family history i am very comfortable to give this to anybody in my family i love these drugs uh in my opinion osama bin laden is the best

But uh you know all the whole the medications in that class is good sgl’s do universe anything like farsiga guardians uh invokana ostegolatro these medications also can reduce your insulin resistance can help you lose weight and uh it reduces your insulin level overall so as a result i think they will help now you may ask you know if you’re urinating excessive

Blood sugar due to these drugs can that cause cancer like a bladder cancer the answer is no and here’s why there is actually a genetic mutation in in some people where they cannot really hold glucose and they end up urinating glucose and that’s a defect normally normal people reabsorb glucose from their kidneys but some people cannot and there’s a defect in their

System but they never get blood or cancer or anything like that in those people who have defective rotation so as a result spf22 creates the defect you know medically and as a result i don’t expect any cancer from this and we do not have any indication in animals or humans either pilot glutathione is another medication that works similar to metformin it makes

Your body more sensitive to insulin so as a result you will have less insulin in your body as a result you will have less cancer incidence

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Which Diabetes Drugs Cause Cancer? SUGARMD By SugarMD