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Which Magnesium Supplement is Right for Me? Dr. Mandell

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If you’re shopping for a magnesium supplement, it can be easy to get overwhelmed by all the options. There are dozens of different brands and you can find magnesium in a capsule, powder, or liquid. The most important decision, though, is the type of magnesium supplement.

Welcome dr mandel here this video is probably one of the most important videos you’re going to hear about magnesium my intention is to give you lots of great information as fast as i can but i’m going to talk about the different types of magnesiums in which magnesiums work best for which or certain conditions we can say so let’s get going about magnesium we

Realize magnesium is good for many many things the first thing you think of is sleep quality heart disease cardiovascular problems it helps improve blood pressure but there are many different forms of magnesium and many of them absorb better than others i’m going to talk about that in just a second but magnesium is a mineral that’s critical for our entire body i

Would say about 350 different uh functions enzyme functions are related to magnesium that goes on with our body so this affects so many different levels when it comes to keeping our bones strong when it comes to our immune system particularly we look at covid because covid uh has a relationship with low vitamin d levels but magnesium has a direct relationship

With uh with vitamin d uh but when it comes to that let me just say this uh when it comes to getting the vitamin d you need magnesium to regulate and get the vitamin d to the proper levels so magnesium is a key player with vitamin d which is directly graded to our immune system but magnesium affects our dna it affects our nerve and muscles when you get muscle

Cramps tingling in the nerves we if you have low amounts of energy as well as insomnia difficulty sleeping it can really do wonders for you as well as women who have pns problems magnesium can really do wonders as well but the key player with magnesium that i’m a big believer that every disease the common denominator is inflammation and magnesium helps reduce

The inflammatory markers of the body and by reducing inflammation that’s how we can say it reduces not only pain but what about like heart disease what about plaquing with any arteries all that is related to inflammation so low magnesium levels appear to affect many different things directly and indirectly because they have a direct influence with hormones

In our body and obviously our hormones is a big key player a couple things i want to mention those people who are taking proton pump inhibitors acid for acid reflux or certain medications that halt the acid you’re usually going to have low magnesium levels uh people who are insulin resistant are usually going to have low levels of magnesium uh magnesium uh

Is tied directly into people with low levels that is with depression and anxiety i’m just kind of going through this quick i’m not going to go into depth right here and those people who are taking like fosamax or certain types of medications to treat osteoporosis usually you will see low levels of magnesium that goes along with diuretics that goes along with

Certain blood pressure medications as well as antibiotics so if you are on certain types of drugs it’s always good to uh bring this to your doctor’s attention uh so he can check into that and make sure you’re doing okay so let’s go to the uh nuts and bolts and i kind of laid this out for my behalf so i don’t want to really miss anything i’m going to scream go

Right through it real quick uh this will be a big asset for many of you let’s talk about the most readily absorbed uh magnesiums and we’ll just real quick the citrate the aspartates the threonates the glycinates the malates the orotates as well as the taurates all right the less absorbed really only two of them the magnesium oxides and magnesium uh really the

Sulfates but you don’t have to worry about sulfates because the sulfate is uh theoretically just your magnesium salts and that is something that’s more applied to the outside of the skin but there are people that claim that taking you know uh those types of uh salt baths can get the magnesium to penetrate into our skin it’s not all that much but i’m not gonna

Spend time on that so let’s go to the uh comparison map and we’ll just go through it real quick magnesium chloride uh is obviously the elemental uh key component is uh chlorine when it’s mixed with chlorine that’s how you get magnesium chloride and this is mainly for heartburn constipation stored muscles uh and obviously topically that’s applied uh now the

Key ones are your citrates and your glycinates your magnesium citrates you’ll see a lot of the different vitamin companies selling them in powders i’m not going to go ahead and mention names this has a constipation effect that lacks affected if you have constipation but this if you take too much of it it will definitely give you the runs but if you are taking

The right dosage you usually should be okay the one thing that is good about magnesium citrate is the absorbability is very very good they use this with migraines mood screens mood swings as well as anxiety and depression the good thing about glycinate uh is that you’re not gonna have the side effects and you will get good absorbability uh this is great for

Stresses anxiety insomnia conditions related to even muscle relaxation sleep blood pressure it does do the job remember all these different acids are helping magnesium the elemental magnesium get into your body so if you get the if you get magnesium in your body you’re going to have good effects so it’s all about the absorption then you have the uh magnesium

3 and 8 and 3 and 8 we think of the brain this is a thrionic acid and basically these are neurological issues adhd add dementia anxiety depression problems with neurological things with the memory that all is great because the three and eights are known to get into the brain where the other magnesiums are not then you have magnesium malate uh great for chronic

Pain uh fatigue low uh this is uh actually a really good absorbability rate uh but again you may have to take a little bit more of this so i just want to let you know there are some other companies who have uh their brand on it which i’m not going to mention you have magnesium orotate this is for cardiovascular support you have magnesium oxides and a lot of the

Oxides out there are being sold like crazy because they’re cheap because they get very very little absorption but i want to mention some about oxides the oxide has the highest amount of elemental magnesium per weight but is really the most poorly absorbed now i’ve taken oxides in the past because a lot of the vitamins of minerals are combined and there’s oxides

In it but i felt that it did okay for me but i needed to take more of it to work better but as i took more it gave me some cramps and put me right to the can so i just want to let you know that that will really get your colon stimulated uh the magnesium sulfate you don’t have to worry about that is epsom salt that’s more topically that’s for store muscles and

Stress relief and the last one is magnesium taurate and torrates are great for cardiovascular function this helps improve blood sugar and blood pressure so those people who have are insulin resistant type 2 diabetes or even type 1 diabetes you may want to look into magnesium tour rates again you may have to take a little more of these as compared to other ones

Certain magnesium tablets are bigger than others some are combined but again over the two between which i think is great absorbability would be your citrates it’s very popular you’ll see in a lot of vitamin stores magnesium um uh let me go back here your glycinates uh which i think is great because this will still give you that that that calming effect and that

Glycine within there is a good neurotransmitter which is affects the chemicals in the brains and obviously this will help improve sleep as well as a healthy circadian rhythm uh also with the glycinates uh it does work with gaba gives you that that calmness that feeling of just you know serenity relaxation but remember magnesium is magnesium it’s just a matter

Of how it gets into your system now many of you are asking do i have to take a supplement all the time the answer is no if you’re getting the right foods like your legumes your black beans your edanami or just some just mention a few you can google the other ones uh your spinach kale your greens your avocado your dark leafy vegetables your nuts almonds peanuts

Cashews as well as your whole grains your oatmeal whole wheat as well as even dark chocolate whole grains and brown rice so i hope that this information really helps you i just want to just review a couple important things number one i would say 50 60 percent of the population is deficient in magnesium we don’t know the type of soils that we’re getting our foods

From number one uh also realize it has many different functions critical roles critical roles not only with what we talked about before but your thyroid function your estrogen your detoxification as you say stress hormones as well as blood sugar as well as many more and there are some correlations between pcos which is polycystic ovarian syndrome that are low

In magnesium something that your doctor will never tell you about that by increasing your magnesium may do wonders for you as well as thyroid people uh thyroid hypothyroidism uh you may want to look into that as well because you’re going to have low thyroid levels and lastly as we talked about people who are in acid refluxes who have acid reflux or medications

With proton pump inhibitors or acid uh inhibitors this is something you really want to check into the of low magnesium levels but pertaining to how much you should be taken um the average they say women’s about 320 milligrams a day men 420 milligrams i like to say everyone between 350 to 450 milligrams uh but see my other videos about magnesium about making

Sure you’re getting the right elemental magnesium because when you read uh the the bottles even though it may say uh 600 milligrams magnesium you may only be getting a hundred and fifty per per pill you have to take four pills depending upon which one so read the ingredients really well uh and the dosages and the recommendations and you can calculate how much

Elemental magnesium you’re getting i really think i went through this quick as fast as i could i hope you really enjoyed this i hope this really helps you listen to this video over and over it’s really pretty comprehensive it kind of gives you an overview of which magnesiums do what and please share this with your friends and family leave your comments below

Hopefully there will be many so other people can learn from each other i really appreciate your time and most important make it a great day i’m dr alan mandel you

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