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Who Should Take Niacin – Chris Masterjohn PhD

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Hey my name is seam and this is a short video series about optimizing your nutrition diet health performance and everything else related today’s guest is chris message on chris has a phd in nutritional sciences and he is currently an independent researcher he also has his website chris masters on phd comm and a youtube channel where he creates content and courses

About optimizing nutrition chris so i recently saw you did like a really long podcast episode about niacin and you’ve been covering that’s quite thoroughly on your channel so who are these people who shoot take a nice in supplement you can look at it a couple of ways so one perspective is that everyone should be taking niacin supplement because just aging is a

Stress that depletes the body of nice and that’s because although the main thing to think about with niacin is its role in energy metabolism where it’s very ubiquitous in breaking things down and building them up we also irreversibly use up niacin in repair processes and in lengthening our telomeres which is which are the ends of our chromosomes and it’s thought

To be essential to allowing us to live longer and in neurotransmitter release and because you need more repair when you have when you go through age because there’s just accumulation of stress on the body and you need more repair when you have a disease state so if you have diabetes or you have heart disease all these things are going to lower your nice and levels

There’s a lot of interest especially coming from the anti-aging community in the idea that everyone just needs to jack up their nice and levels another way to look at this is in in severe niacin deficiency which is called pellagra there are what what optimists call the three ds and pessimists call the fourth the four ds so the three ds are diarrhea diarrhea dementia

And dermatitis and the fourth neither the pessimist ad is deaf because if if you don’t treat it you can wind up dying from it now the what they say when they say de mentir like what when i think of new mentee i think of like alzheimer’s and age related dementias but the dementia of pellagra is just means crazy but in the beginning you can just be depressed so so

Depressed the the mental symptoms and niacin deficiency can range from depression and when it’s mild to suicidality to schizophrenia like psychosis and and if you notice that cluster you’re talking about the mind you’re talking about the skin and you’re talking about the gut this is a very common cluster of problems and i think the reason that the clustered together

That way is because the role of niacin energy metabolism nice and doesn’t get used up it just cycles it just transports stuff around in neurotransmitter release repair and telomere lengthening niacin gets used up and so the turnover of niacin in those activities super super high and so what do you look at when you see the mind the skin and the gut well the mind is

Where you have neurotransmitter release which is super quick right like every second you’re releasing tons of these things the skin and the gut are the two surfaces of your body that are outside of your body right like yeah i mean your skin’s obviously outside your body but your guts outside of the body too because you know you put the food in your mouth and until

That food gets digested and crosses through the cells into your bloodstream it’s just on that surface so your mouth you open it up it’s right there just like your cheeks are right here your anus the same thing you know you can go spread your butt cheeks apart stick your finger in it’s all right there right it’s it’s what you can’t do is just you know stick your

Hand in and reach into your heart right only in video games so so the fact there on the outside of your body means that the quality control is super super low right think of all this stuff that’s out in the environment that your body or rejects i mean all the stuff that winds up in your poop then your body wouldn’t take in right that’s just the ridiculous amounts

Of insults are we are exposed to so everybody so the repair process is required on the outside of her body are so much greater and in the sun one of the things that happens with nice and deficiency dermatitis is it gets worse in the sun and that’s because just even meet you and me if we go outside for five minutes now tons of dna damage that the sun did we used

Up niacin to repair it and so i think that this cluster of mind gut skin is a big red flag that you might have lower niacin status because you might not have clinical pellagra mm-hmm but if you got mine gotten skin problems even if nice it was in the original cause it’s probably depleting your niacin levels because you need to start repairing this they got in the

Skin you need to start trying to support neurotransmitter release right so i think that you know aging and disease states from one perspective and especially that mind got skin connection are really the big giveaways that you might need more niacin hmm you know and that’s that’s an amazing way of explaining it and i’ve also believe like niacin is a precursor to nad+

So that’s gonna help with a general energy metabolism and you know overall functioning as well yeah any d pluses the is the molecule through which niacin supports breaking things down in energy and nad+ is the thing that is irreversibly broken down during telomere lengthening dna repair and neurotransmitter release and then there’s also nadph which is used for

Building things up in energy okay would consuming like more b vitamins and especially like at b3 which is nice and which consuming those foods help with that or is it like just insufficient in real food yes so in real food you definitely can meet your niacin needs and the i mean the the interest though is in the anti-aging community in particular there’s interest

In hitting 10 to 100 times what you could get from food with supplements that you wouldn’t even find in food like nicotinamide rye beside only trace amounts of that in milk or nicotine around mononucleotide a little bit of food but there’s not very much and and so from that perspective people are trying to biohack there waiting to hire anybody plus levels and what

They can get from food there are some downsides to that because you can cause imbalances with other two b vitamins but i think it depends on your perspective so if you’re if you’re trying to be a whole foods natural preventative wellness type of approach then i would be trying to increase your nice and levels from your foods if you’re trying to be a biohacker then

I would be looking at and then and our higher dosing and balancing it right to prevent imbalances right yeah it’s a much more in-depth than most people think and your podcast really goes into into those details so we’ll leave the link into the show notes as well and for people that regret thanks for watching this episode of the optimal nutrition series make sure

You check out chris’s general and his nutrition cheat sheet it can help you identify nutrition deficiencies lab testing blood tests and how to fix those issues but other than that thanks watching this episode my name is ian stay tuned for next episode we’ll stay empowered

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Who Should Take Niacin – Chris Masterjohn PhD By Siim Land