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Why beta-piraiba turned tables on alpha-piraiba after 5 years? Peru piraiba 6yo 2.5ft/75cm 4500 gal

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Chronologically speaking:

I’ve been noticing lately that uh the bigger and used to be dominant pura eva i’ve been wearing a lot of bite marks on her on it and over the many days of observing i think is the tables turned because the lighter color kiraiba used to be the submissive one and a darker colored one slightly bigger one always ate better and gave the submissive one some grief

Now the the former alpha it’s all beaten up there’s so many bite marks on her fins so many scuffs and abrasions right now they’re calm because i turned the light on but i did catch the beta paraiba there’s one coming up lighter colored one giving chases chasing the the other one so that’s kind of unexpected and uh unusual turn of events i hope this is some

Kind of seasonal and it will subside with right now that is worrying me received it has received rather vicious bites on the dorsal on the upper lobe of the tail those are the worst places and then a lot of scuffs and light abrasions on the body they ate very well yesterday both of them big time is so this is either hierarchy or gender related behavior this

One got a rip in the pelvic fin but other than that it’s pretty intact foreign got so bad that the beta piraiba if if you might remember i had to take it out of this 4500 gallon and it spent probably a couple of years in that 240 gallon in the back because it was getting beaten up to too badly while the elder driver remade here and grew the tank the last i

Would say a couple of weeks the table is completely turned 180. i’m going to have to think about what to do see you then i hope you caught it caught it like the right now the alpha driver sped up to get away from the beta prayer when they got close got close to each other see you again she’s she’s gonna drive she’s gonna the alpha is gonna swim away and i have

Witnessed the alpha dart away from the beta so often there are unexpected things happening that can only understand them or think about them in in retrospect the beta pyrama was transferred to this tank i want to say almost a year ago and everything has been fine for whatever it was 10 months maybe a full year everything has been fine they live together no

Problem if anything in the beginning the alpha was dominating the beta puree a little bit what caused this 180 degree change i don’t know hard to say in the alpha is still bigger because as i said it it was a it was it fed better than the beta because beta was more skittish because of the dominance by the alpha terrible so alphabet group grew bigger and faster

It’s probably about one and a half times by weight larger than the the beta puree but maybe they have different genders i don’t know their genders if i had to guess i’d say that the the alpha is the female and the beta is the male

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Why beta-piraiba turned tables on alpha-piraiba after 5 years? Peru piraiba 6yo 2.5ft/75cm 4500 gal By Fish Story a DIY Public Aquarium \u0026 Fish Rescue