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why I am going on isotretinoin (accutane) | my skin story w/ pictures

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this video and the pics are hard for me to share so PLEASE be nice to me🙃

Hey guys it’s rachel today i’m gonna be talking about why i decided to go on accutane i actually filmed yesterday and when i got home with the medicine for the first time and i opened it and everything and my memory card got full in the middle of this video and i accidentally deleted it so i can’t get that back so here is me saying i’m going on accutane if you guys

Are like why are you doing this your skin doesn’t look that bad i’ll insert some pictures of how it looks right now and you guys can see for yourself i know i don’t have the worst acne ever i know people have a whole lot worse than i do and i feel bad for them but i’ve tried so many things that i have not worked so i’m ready for something that will work so that’s

Why i’m starting a key date and see the rest of the video because i’m just gonna start repeating myself it’s thursday july 15th and i was just gonna come and kind of explain to you guys why i decided to go on accutane or that’s a brand name that’s not made anymore it’s actually i subtract annoying or whatever but most people know that’s accutane so that’s what

I’m gonna call it and it’s a lot easier to say i am on mst meeee 20 milligrams that’s what it looks like and i’m just gonna kind of tell you guys like my skin story and what led me to going on this drug i started having problems with my skin in high school i want to say it was like my junior year so it was like after everybody had already had their skin issues and

We’re clear is when i started getting them and i’m gonna try to put some pictures up i don’t have them in a good order or anything like that um so i’ll do my best just so i can show you guys like what i’ve been through with my skin so the first time i think i i started going to a nurse practitioner he actually prescribed me minocycline which is an antibiotic that

A lot of what doctors will prescribe to try and get rid of it and i have quite a few pills left in the bottle like a ton of pills left and that’s because these gave me severe headaches that is one of the side effects of them and it did happen to me and they were so bad that i decided it was not worth it it was not worth possibly having clear skin to have headaches

All the time so i told my doctor that i did not want to go on that anymore and at that point like when he prescribed me this he was just a nurse practitioner so he gave me a referral to a dermatologist so i went to the dermatologist at the end of 2017 and she prescribed me sefar sign which is an antibiotic that is used to treat acne by dermatologists so this worked

I think i took like two like prescriptions of it and then she told me no like slowly start weaning myself off of it so i did that and she just wanted me to be able to like treat it topically or whatever so after that i actually quit going to her and i also switched up like my skincare so i decided to start using the rodin builds unblemish line i started working

For a while and then it just stopped which is kind of how things that treat acne do especially like antibiotics and stuff like that so after that i just kind of dealt with my skin about five months ago i think in march i started going back to my doctor like my family doctor about my skin and he prescribed me doxycycline which is kind of like minocycline but it

Didn’t give me headaches so i was down for it i took this drug this antibiotic for almost four months which is not good i was not happy to be taking an antibiotic for that long but it wasn’t helping like tremendously but it helped a little bit so my doctor told me to keep taking it he got me an appointment at a new dermatologist which is somebody around here that

Everybody goes to like if you go to the dermatologist you go to this doctor and she’s amazing and everybody loves her and when i the first time i went to the dermatologist she was in all accepting patients because she was on maternity leave and i didn’t want to wait so i just went to a different dermatologist so i just took the doxycycline for like i said like four

Months i also my primary care physician that gave me the doxycycline also gave me some clindamycin which is a topical antibiotic and this i think this helped more than the doxycycline honestly i think this helps a little bit more but still wasn’t happy with my skin at all and still was struggling i also got tretinoin tretinoin cream however you say it i don’t even

Remember which time i went to the doctor that i got this but it was like a while ago like the first time i was going to the dermatologist probably so i go to my dermatologist appointment on july the 10th with my first this is the first time i’d ever went to see her she’d never seen me before i was nervous because i didn’t really want to try anything else as far

As like antibiotics go because i had pretty much tried it all so when i went in she was like the first thing she asked me was if i was on birth control if i ever tried birth control and i haven’t it’s not that i don’t want to take it i just really don’t want to put unnecessary hormones into my body when i don’t have to i’ve never been on birth control so she

Suggested we tried that or we can try spironolactone i think it’s how you say it it’s some kind of like hormone blocker if you guys want to know like the real science behind this stuff you should probably look it up and not listen to me but that’s what it was called she wanted to do that or try spironolactone and she also like one of the last things she said was

We can also think about accutane and once she said this like she could tell that you know i that’s what i wanted and i’m not like saying if you have acne you should go on accutane like do your research i have done tons and tons and tons of research i’ve watched tons of videos i know the side effects i know the risks and i know everything that goes along with it

I knew it before she even had to tell me she said okay well how about we do this because we kind of talked about that keikain and my mom was like i know because my mom went with me because i feel like i look really young especially without makeup so if i go to a doctor’s appointment like for the first time without my mom i feel like they’re not going to take me

Seriously she said why don’t we try this she said you haven’t tried my favorite topical treatment so why don’t we go ahead and do your first pregnancy test because if you don’t know you have to have two negative pregnancy tests before you can start the accutane and i believe they have to be like 30 days part don’t kill me if i’m wrong on this but i think that’s

How it is so i was gonna have to wait another month anyway to even actually start so we decided to go ahead and take the first pregnancy test i peed in a cup at the first appointment and she prescribed me at so gel the 7.5% so i was putting this on once a day every night it seemed to help it did and it didn’t really seem to help the like number of breakouts that

I got but when i did get a breakout it wasn’t super it like seemed like it didn’t get like infected and it wasn’t it super inflamed and it went away faster than it did when i wasn’t take when i wasn’t using this so this is an antibiotic and also an anti-inflammatory i’m pretty sure so that explains it i like the applicator because it’s not like a squeezy tube but

It’s just a white little almost like a lotion when you first look at it and then you rub it in and it just turns clear of course and i did i did like this but she told me whenever she gave it to me she was like okay you’re gonna come back in a month if you’re not happy with your skin then then we’ll do the blood work and everything and we’ll get you started so i

Went ahead on my first appointment i got a booklet and i had to initial all these things sign all these things talking about not getting pregnant on the drug and everything like that so did that took care of it i got a letter in the mail from i pledge which is what you have to go through if you know you want to be on a keychain just saying you won’t get pregnant

I also had to sign things about like my mental health and all that kind of stuff so it was a very it was intimidating but because i had done all the research and i knew all this stuff it wasn’t bad if you have never heard of a can and your doctor told you about it then it’s probably gonna be scary but for me it wasn’t that bad and so i filled everything out that

Day and they got me like enrolled i guess and choose a program and so i went back to the doctor on i went back to the dermatologist monday august the 12th my nurse came in she was like okay it was a different nurse the last time she said looks like you were i’m getting started on the a container oh and i was like yeah and so she was like you still want to do that

I said yes so she got everything out for like the blood draw and stuff like that and then the dermatologist came in and she was like so we doing it and i was like yeah we’re doing it and she was like okay and she just said we just kind of went over things again and she was like we’re gonna do your okay sorry it’s like the position just changed my card just got

Full the doctor explained to me everything and then she was like okay so i’m gonna do some blood work so she left and then irish came in and drew blood she did a really good job she didn’t raise me or anything and she said i’ll have the results tomorrow at lunch so that was tuesday so she was supposed to they were supposed to call me tuesday i never got a call so

I was like i hope everything was okay with my blood work like i know i’m not pregnant i hope everything was okay with my blood work and they called me yesterday morning and said everything’s fine with your blood work you just need to go on to i pledge like the website login do your comprehension questions go to the pharmacy and pick up your medicine so here i am

With my medicine it came in a big box that came like in a box with three of these in it and they each have ten in it oh they just look like this if you’re curious there’s a lot of different brand names so i’m gonna keep you guys updated this is gonna be a whole video by itself if you guys are like looking at my skin like why are you getting on accutane um you can

See i am about to have a breakout look right there i just broke out right there i have a lot of scarring and my makeup kind of covers it but that’s what my face looks like with makeup on so another thing i want to say is if you haven’t like tried things before going on accutane first of all you probably won’t be able to go back on i contend apiata tried multiple

Different like antibiotics and stuff but second of all like a q10 is a last resort drug and it’s a serious drug and it can cause some serious side effects so if you think you’re gonna go to the dermatologist for the first time and get put on accutane you’re probably not and you probably should try other things first because like i said last resort drug it’s serious

It takes a lot of time because you have to go to the dermatologist at a specific time every month have to have your blood drawn at a specific time every month and you have to pick it up from your pharmacy at a specific time or you get like completely other programming you have to be on like kinda like a probation for the program and you can’t pick up your next

Month’s prescription so hope this has kind of enlightened you guys on the whole accutane thing why i’m going on it no i don’t think everyone should go on accutane if you’re watching this do you research go to your dermatologist talk to your parents everything like that but hopefully that this will be the answer to clear my skin so i hope you guys have enjoyed this

I’m about to film a little intro because my real intro got deleted so have a great day guys bye

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why I am going on isotretinoin (accutane) | my skin story w/ pictures By Rachel Mackenzie