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Why I Caution the Use of the Antibiotic Flagyl (Metronidazole) for SIBO and C. difficile Infections

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Many different medications are in use where doctors are sadly unaware of their potentially severe side effects. The antibiotic Flagyl (metronidazole) is no exception. The antibiotic is very cheap, and it is on the World Health Organization’s List of Essential Medicines (meaning it is believed to be safe and effective). Doctor’s prescribe it daily around the world without alerting their patients to the complications that are caused by the antibiotic and how to potentially protect them from unwanted side effects if its use is needed. I recommend that before you ever take a medication prescribed to you (unless it is an emergency) ask your doctor if they have ever read the medication insert for your prescribed medication. If they say no, then you should probably read it yourself, so you know more about the efficacy and risks of the prescribed medication and maybe find yourself another healthcare professional that takes the time to research what they prescribe. So what are the known severe side effects with Flagyl and what can be done to attempt to protect yourself from them if you have to take the antibiotic?

Hello my name is john person author fixture got in health coach welcome to the fixture got youtube channel today we’re going to discuss why i caution the use of the antibiotic flag wall also known as metronidazole which is commonly used for people who are suffering from cipa which is small intestinal bacterial overgrowth syndrome as well as people who have c

Difficile infections so the antibiotic flag wall is i mean it does have some pros for it it is quite cheap it doesn’t really have a strong effect against aerobic bacteria and it is on the world health organization’s list of essential medicines meaning that is believed to be safe and effective however you know many doctors prescribe it daily around the world and

Don’t alert their patients of potential side effects associated with its use that are even in this in the drug inserts so you know i you know if the doctor ever prescribes the medicine to you and it’s not under an emergency situation i always recommend asking them avera where the drug or medication and syrup for the drug that they’re prescribing majority of them

Will probably say no and if that’s the case you probably need to find another doctor because they need to know exactly what the prescribing a little bit more than what they can look up on their computers so flagyl is a frequently present prescribed antibiotic it is of the nitro – old class and inhibits nucleic acid synthesis by disrupting the dna of microbial cells

Has antimicrobial activity against gram positive and negative anaerobic bacteria including bacteroides fuse o bacterium clostridium some susceptible strains of you you bacterium peptostreptococcus and probit tell for example as well as it does have activity against some parasites including giardia and in tammy ba so there are some side effects associated with the use

Of the medication the side effects range greatly from the typical gastrointestinal upset that you get with most antibiotics due to bacteria dying off – neuropathy seizures increased risks of steven johnson syndrome when it is combined with my been dissol brain lesions dysautonomia cognitive issues behavioral changes aldehyde enzyme deregulation possible serotonin

Serotonin syndrome and immune system suppression flag will should not be used in people with crohn’s to have crohn’s disease is it because of it may cause potential chromosomal abnormalities and circulating lymphocytes which means late me may lead to cancer if you are suffering from liver disease you want to make sure that your doctor monitors you for an increased

Risk of side effects because it will hinder flagpoles metabolism medications that flag will interferes with include warfarin it hinders its clearance lithium it hinders its clearance disulfiram i can cause psychotic reactions and further hinders alcohol metabolism by sole fan hinders its clearance 5-fluorouracil hinders its clearance cyclosporine and hinders its

Clearance and so with those medications you would have to take lower amounts of them if take them at all if you are taking the medication flagyl so you know i posted on my website on my blog actually took information from the drug and surfer flag rule about the warnings that it mentions if it causing comes principal compulsive seizures causing peripheral neuropathy

You know patients the severe hepatic disease will metabolize it more slowly they may be more prone to the side effects how crohn’s disease patients should probably avoid it flagyl is also reasonably anticipated to be a human carcinogen per the national toxicology program put forth by the united states department of health and human services though the studies

Of us carcinogen potential and humans are mixed but there is a warning of its carcinogenic potential in the drug insert flag will use has not studied extensively for pregnant women and is known across the placental barrier and it’s a secreted into human breast milk as well the flag would drug in start states it’ll be costly used in pregnant women because when

Given para para tentatively it can cause infant deaths this is unknown carcinogen it may trigger mother and feet or fetal cancer development it’s potential carcinogen to see is also why i recommend for breastfeeding mothers since it is secreted a human breast milk and finally the antimicrobial is not recommended for pediatric use because of safety effectiveness

Have not been established however in some cases it is recommended for the use against parasites for for pediatric use so apparently flag will like the medication i disulfiram inhibits the enzymes are used to metabolize aldehydes aldehyde oxidase and aldehyde dehydrogenase and in doing so so when you consume alcohol it produces a cedar hill ides which have to be

Further metabolized to prevent oxidative stress and alcohol poisoning and it’s further metabolized in this scenic acid which short chain fatty acid in the body can easily break it down you know and use it so easily drink alcohol you know that is one of the main you know how call itself ethanol is converted into co halide and it’s converted in acetic acid so flag

Will hinders that just like the medication disulfiram which is used for people who are chronic alcoholics and the hope that by interrupting the production of these enzymes how to hide dehydrogenase and how to hide oxidase the alcoholics consume alcohol and you know they have a really bad hangover they’ll get very sick so you know you normally would not want to

Consume alcohol with feigl because it inhibits those same enzymes and if you consume small to moderate amounts of alcohol it can cause you know brain fog and cognitive issues and elevated heart rate and facial flushing and vomiting and and sticky and also standard hangover symptoms like headaches and everything and mood issues but if severe enough like you know if

You drink enough alcohol while taking flagyl it’s a possibility that it you know from now being able to detoxify alcohol properly i could lead out a high poisoning which causes can cook you know coma you know and eventually death similar to people who binge drink even if they were not supposed to on disulfiram i can make them very very very ill so you know flag

Wall can do the same things a warning for in the druggin serves as information for patients i beverages should be a boil i take a flagon for at least one day afterwards flag will been patients receiving flag will drink alcoholic beverages that makes experience a download stress nausea vomiting flushing or headache so yeah what if you were taking flag well do

Not consume alcohol now those enzymes out of high detoxification enzymes they’re also used to detoxify now to hide that’s found in an environment so for example like a lot of being a faux furniture or new mobile homes they have a lot of formaldehyde in them even have from out of high warnings in the newer mobile homes so you may actually start you know if you’re

Taking flag well and you live in that type of environment where there’s a lot of formaldehyde you may actually start getting a lot of those symptoms facial flushing you know cognitive issues too as well because it will henry your detoxification enzymes same is if you live in a moldy environment or have mold detoxification issues because mold produces a aldehydes

As well so if you you know if you have mold toxicity or you live in a moldy environment and your body cannot produce enough aldehyde let’s say that you have a mutation in the gene aldh2 which encodes some of the out of high detoxification genes if you have a mutation that generally when you drink alcohol you flush is what they call the asian alcohol flush syndrome

Because asians generally have a mutate polymorphism and this gene so they don’t produce proper amounts of how the high detoxification enzymes to break down guys properly so when they drink alcohol they flush they get greater hangovers if they have a polymorphism or mutation in this gene and they’re more prone to sigh effects more protein building esophageal cancer

Because increase aldehydes and they’re also more prone to issues with detoxification of mold so flag well if you have mold sensitivity if you live in a moldy environment it can cause issues because it reduces your body’s ability to properly process mold there’s also also study to that points that flag will may cause or increase serotonin levels especially in people

Who are taking ssris or 5-htp or say john’s wort or anything that increases or causes retention of serotonin like you know ssri serotonin reuptake inhibitors so in that case if you are taking anything that it’s used to produce serotonin or anything that um is a serotonin analog or anything that causes a retention of serotonin you may want to talk to your doctor

Before taking flag will because it can cause a serious condition known as serotonin syndrome so yeah you definitely want to mention that to them finally there has been some evidence that flag will can cause brain lesions at least temporary brain lesions they are seem to be will go away once a person takes the vitamin b1 which is thiamine it appears that flag will

Metabolizes into a caddy on that and that i’m not gonna pronounce his like but it’s vic got a very strictly it’s a close structural analog to five means so kind of like inhibits thymine pyrophosphate kinase and acts as a thymine antagonist so it can actually cause thiamine deficiency and in doing so there’s a condition called wernick or nikki’s encephalopathy which

That has exact same symptoms which is known as a thymine deficiency causes wernicke’s encephalopathy as exact same conditions as flagyl toxicity it causes brain lesions it causes vision problems that cause autonomic dysfunction behavioral changes hearing loss vision loss like all these issues that i wrote in my blog and they’re very similar to one another because

Flagyl can cross the blood-brain barrier it is able to deplete thymine in the brain and throughout the whole body as an antagonist so yeah you know if you have to take flagyl you know a couple of things one avoid all alcohol to try to avoid moldy environments three maybe supplement with thymine and magnesium before and after to maybe help prevent some of these

Effects and i wrote it in the blog to go in more detail of all these issues but yeah that is why i generally do not recommend the use of flag rule as a ana biotic because of all the conditions and inhibits aldehyde detoxification enzymes it may cause serotonin syndrome for some people it can cause brain lesions and cognitive issues that people worth a deficient

On thymine it can cause mold detoxification issues and issues where people are most sensitive by inhibiting out eye detoxification enzymes so though flag wall is not as severe at least for the literature that we have and its side effects like ciprofloxacin is organolithium i don’t recommend its use but if you have to use it then i recommend you know thymine and

Magnesium supplementation is magnesium thymine requires mag easy to be utilized properly by the body but yeah so and some people will have to you know use flagyl and certain circumstances where there’s another antibiotic that there there bacteria or parasite may be weak to antimicrobial agent they may need to use it and if so that you could do these things that

Maybe hopefully protect yourself but for the average person unless it’s your last resort i generally do not recommend the use of flag will or metronidazole for parasites i don’t recommend it to use for sibo and simo i definitely do not recommend it to you some crohn’s disease and you know one thing i forgot to mention too is it is a possible carcinogen so longer

You take if there is a possibility that it may trigger cancer cell development so yeah i do not recommend and the use of flag wanna caution its use if you found this video informative please like share and subscribe thank you and i hope you have a great day

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Why I Caution the Use of the Antibiotic Flagyl (Metronidazole) for SIBO and C. difficile Infections By Fix Your Gut