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The reason why i don’t fear gyno at all whatsoever because it’s never gonna happen overnight a new day the game has changed the piece is in place and now we’re moving what’s going on brother my name is kai if you have any questions for me the best way to reach me is link to my email now you can easily find that link in the description you click on that link you

Put in your name your email any questions at all that you have for me it’s gonna go directly to my proton mail so a lot of my friends are starting to dive into lifestyle cycling trt or any type of cycling so they can further and progress when it comes to their physique right but the main question that i constantly get in many different various ways so it’s funny

But it’s the same exact question so kai i’m about to do this particular cycle how do i guarantee i don’t get gyno so i just got to make sure right i’m diving into tier 2 for the very first time how do i make sure that i don’t get gyno how do i make sure that i don’t need as much ai how do i make sure that my nipples doesn’t get puffy itchy or anything weird

Like that so pretty much as you can see it’s the same type of questions over and over again and before i would rapidly start giving answers like this is how you do it this is the best way you got to look out for this you got to look out for that the one thing i started to realize is this a lot of people think that ghana happens like that a lot of people think

Goddess is going to spring out of nowhere to where they’re sleeping having a good time they just made love to their wife and the next day they go into the bathroom rub their eyes a little bit i come back to wake up oh my god what is that that case that i just described to you that is literally never going to happen and this is what sucks about it too for the guys

Who’ve gotten gyno guys forgotten the puffy nipples the sore nipples the terrible looking nipples and all that that didn’t happen overnight did it it didn’t come just out of nowhere out of left field it didn’t just like holy crap what is that it happened over a very long period span of time it didn’t happen overnight you might thought it did but i guarantee you

It didn’t just like popped out of nowhere it slowly developed that’s the reason why i don’t ever have a fear about this stuff because there’s so many warning signs now for the guys who’ve gotten gyno the reason why you got it the reason why you know you have this embarrassing that you want to get rid of he didn’t know what you’re doing that’s simply the cause

Of it because it’s never going to happen to where it came out of nowhere it literally takes a very long time so i’m sorry to say man for the guys i’ve gotten gyno it’s kind of your fault and you know that i’d hate to say it now look i’m not putting the blame on you the main reason why a lot of guys get gyno just don’t know how to get rid of it or how to avoid it

So for example pre-pubescent gyno there’s not any difference between getting gyno from when you’re a little boy to getting gyno because i didn’t know what i was doing with a personal cycle extreme high enzyme of estrogen and it happened over time now when it comes to the pre-pubescent guy in the type of thing i get it it may not be your fault but it’s somebody’s

Fault it’s either your parents who didn’t know anything about dieting he didn’t know anything about having a good healthy lifestyle when it comes to food avoiding bad foods that can increase your estrogen levels but it was somebody’s fault and it didn’t happen overnight it’s not like you were born obese right away it came that way over a long period of time it’s

Not like you woke up holy crap i have tits no it doesn’t happen that one i’m sorry to say but it was somebody’s fault right like all the guys out there who did pro hormones that got gyno whose fault was it really i mean i don’t mean to sound negative about it but in order for us to address a certain particular problem to fix it we got to know what caused it first

And it’s always going to be i didn’t know what i was doing and then when i was slowly getting it i didn’t know how to stop it that’s always the case so that’s why i never have a fear about getting gyno from either testosterone or getting gyno from prolactin why because i know the fix of it and the multiple multiple warning signs that comes with it that’s why i

Don’t have a fear about getting gyno and that’s why you shouldn’t either if you know what to do if you know the early warning signs if you know exactly what to particularly look for and then on top of that how to get rid of it and that all ties into running a cycle the right way as well it doesn’t matter if it’s a really ridiculous super advanced type of cycle

Right if i do that and i know what to do i don’t care how high the amounts are i don’t care what type of exotic combats i’m using if i know what to do the fear of getting gyno i don’t even think about it honestly i really don’t so sometimes i’m just like because is there a possibility it could happen sure but i know the protocols and the guidelines that it

Doesn’t come into my mind and you should have the same exact feeling as well if you know what to do somebody’s smoking i can smell something anyways brother any questions for me emails right in the description and that voice kah here out take care i’m gonna get more it’s time to celebrate brothers

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