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Why I Ran: Man Carrying Drugs Across State Lines Leads Police on High-Speed Chase | A&E

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A man attempting to transport drugs across state lines is pulled over by police but ends up leading them on a high-speed chase that ultimately ends on foot, in this scene from Season 1, Episode 2.

The day of the chase i was here in georgia celebrating my birthday and i knew some people here that had drugs for a cheap and i knew i could turn a profit off of it bringing the drugs from georgia to florida i was in the car with a friend it was a nice day it was sunny out perfect everything was right next thing you know i play as a police car and they trailed

Us for about a good mile i’m relaxed and everything’s okay next thing you know they turn the lights on as soon as the the lights came on uh i had this like butterflies in your stomach it’s like panic it’s like you’re scared you got cold chills and you sweat i’m thinking about my daughter i’m thinking about how much time i’m facing because i’m in a new state i

Don’t know the laws here with that mindset that kind of helped me push that accelerator to the flow probably doing about 114 now my friend was gripping the side of the car and the armrest with dear life telling me to stop he got kids you know i got a daughter i’m looking at him i’m scared to death i’m yelling back man i got a daughter too immediately i’m looking

I’m just searching for any quick exit this semi truck is in the way and i see the exit from this distance so i can’t slow down so i whip in front of him my plan was to find a clearing anywhere that’s kind of a little bit populated anywhere i could stop get out give them a foot chase get some distance and get what i had on me off me and then let them catch me and

We’re gonna play high and go seek so i go right and i’m thinking i know there’s got to be a gas station truck stop anything in the vicinity the further i got down this road the more bushes trees vines smokey the bears probably in there you know here comes this police behind me you know he’s going to try to overtake me right here now i’m blocking them out

Right there keeping from coming around the wheels are screaming you know every curve i hit i gotta like slow down about to fall off the road all of a sudden i just feel the back of the car just boom then as you know i’m spinning scary feeling because you can never imagine what’s going to happen all you’re thinking is the car is going to flip over everyone

I still had a little fight in me you know i’m not gonna give up you know and i jumped out and ran my heart was pumping a whole lot that’s my friend here with his hands out playing a got sabotage that’s the car plan b is running on feet if they was yelling freeze i can’t hear it because i’m so focused you don’t see nothing all you’re doing is trying to get away

There was a vine with stickers and thorns it entangled my shoelace i fell and i couldn’t you ain’t got but a couple of seconds ahead of them and i can’t get up in time enough to re-up and take off running again before i knew it had me handcuffed it was unbelievable because everything happened so fast the moment i was caught the first thing i was thought of was

I’m ready to die it’s the first thing it’s like my life is over it’s it’s over i did everything i could do you know and why me why me why why why me 15 years in my life right there sitting on the hood not worth it foreign

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Why I Ran: Man Carrying Drugs Across State Lines Leads Police on High-Speed Chase | A&E By A\u0026E