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Why I Stopped Taking The Pill // Blood Clots & No Period for 10 Months?

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Today Im telling my experience of taking the contraceptive pill. I have taken Levlen, YAZ & Yasmin over the past 7 years and have had numerous negative and positive effects.

Hey guys welcome back to my channel hope you’re having a fabulous day so today i’m going to be talking to you guys about something that i think is very important as women that we discuss um i want to talk about my experience taking birth control pills the contraceptive pill and experiences that i have had because of taking the risk because i’ve taken a lot of pills

And i have had a lot of really negative but also a lot of positive um sort of things from that and i just wanted to like sort of create a discussion with you guys i’m not saying yes or no to taking the pill because i know it’s such a like a complicated thing it’s quite controversial but i just wanted to let chat to you and just discuss my experiences what’s happened

To me from messing with my hormones the positive the negative disclaimer before they start this is not a video to say don’t take the birth control pill because i’m not about that at all i loved the pill like i loved it but i have stopped taking it now personally but i loved the effects it had and it is so important especially if you were young and you are sexually

Active because if the pill works for you definitely i 100% of all for it because you don’t want things to happen that you don’t want to happen before you’re ready for them to happen so i am not saying here don’t take it at all i’m saying that i want to discuss with you guys the effects that it has on our bodies and so i’d really like to encourage you guys also um

If you have your own experiences taking birth control pills or hormonal situations of anything and birth control acne related anything um please do go down to the comments below and like let’s make this into a discussion because this is like girl talk women are women woman-on-woman i don’t know what i think but let’s get into it so i started taking the pill when i

Was 15 years old i was just about to turn 16 and i just started dating my very first like proper boyfriend mum sort of just put me on it because she realized i was dating this guy and whether or not things were looking like they were getting serious she kind of just put the mom hat on and was like you’re going on the pill whether you like it or not at the time i

Loved it i was like i’m so mature but um yeah so first of all i remember my mom took me to the doctor i went on levelin they put me on loveland first so levelin it’s like kind of like a basic it’s quite affordable it’s like sort of the one that they just put you on to start off with um but i have heard a lot of people saying that they’ve had really bad experience

With loveland and i have um had bad experiences with that so yeah i went on that pill i took it for like a few months and from memory i think i put on weight i had really painful periods something like that um and so mum was like maybe maybe this is the pill let’s change it up and we’ll go back so second of all they gave me yasmin so if anyone knows about yasmin

And yasmin is the one and so as years which have also been on most recently yasmin is the one that is really controversial in the past few years because the pill is kind of known to increase your likelihood every pill does increase your likelihood but yasmin and yars increase your likelihood of getting blood clots and like just issues like that um that are really

Quite serious so they always come with the warnings and stuff like that but there’s this big issue with yasmin and yaz coming out and everyone’s like stop taking casman in years because you’re gonna get blood clots and everyone freaked out my doctor told me that it wasn’t to worry about she was like no it’s still quite low chance it’s not too big of a deal take

Out a minute you’ll be fine my experience hacking asthma i took jasmine for two years straight yasmin was amazing it did everything right for my body my weight was maintained like i felt like i lost a lot of weight while i was on yasmin because he hasn’t sort of known to keep your weight under control not in like a you know it makes you lose weight sense but it

Just it’s it’s just known to maintain weight i was looking good my skin was amazing my periods were quite short um everything was kind of just wonderful i genuinely loved yasmin and it has been my favorite all-time field i’ve ever taken so i had broken up with another boyfriend that i had at that time we’ve been dating for about a year and i went to college i

Moved to uni and then the only reason i stopped taking yasmin was because this is like a really silly silly reasoning but it was because i felt like i couldn’t afford it something about yasmin is yasmin he’s a lot more expensive yasmin was like about $80 for three months whereas levelin before was about like $40 and i told my mum before my mum was paying for it

And i told my mom no mom this is my responsibility i’m gonna buy my own birth control so i got to uni and i was like oh but i can’t afford that and i was like deciding to buy things like alcohol and textbooks which is like obviously the two necessities of university um instead of my birth control pills which is really really stupid of me but i got through

Basically it stopped taking it this is when the scary should start um i actually didn’t get a period for over nine months i think in the end it was about ten months until i got one so i legit thought i was pregnant for nine months i could have had a baby i was freaking out i was legitimately taking a pregnancy test every like month because i was like watching

Those documentaries that are like i didn’t know i was pregnant and i’m like freaking out oh yeah anyway i think everyone who is sexually active has definitely had a stage in their life where you convince yourself that you are pregnant and you start seeing babies everywhere and everyone around you is pregnant and it’s just chaotic so that was me for about nine

Months of my life so eventually i decided to go and see a doctor about this because not having a period for nine months is kind of weird so basically what happens when you stop taking the pill is that your body has to start sort of going again and my body just took a really long time it’s a it’s a common thing like people don’t get a period for like maybe a few

Months or maybe like you know a few weeks um most people do get a period like the day that they stop taking the pill that’s like what is meant to happen they fall did like scans and everything into my ovaries so a bit worried there might be something wrong um it came back saying that there was nothing actually wrong but they said that i might have issues um when

I want to get pregnant but it wouldn’t actually be an actual issue like it’d be more like just i need a little bit of hormone help um but eventually i started getting my period again but that freaked me out and i think the worst thing about that whole situation was when i talked to the doctor the doctor told me um to go back on the pill because i need to start up

My periods again and it seems to be like a recurring thing when i talk to other other girls and other women that if you have any sort of issue with your hormones you are told to go on the pill and i just that just doesn’t make sense to me like the pill going off the pill completely messed up my system and my system wasn’t actually like able to reproduce for nine

Months so by telling me to go back on the pill to like get it back to normal that doesn’t make sense to me so i actually said i didn’t want to take the pill because i didn’t feel comfortable with that i thought it was messing with my hormones too much and i want to stay away from it so when i was going to europe last year i decided that it was time to go back on

The pill so i went to a doctor and here is another horror story for you i went to a doctor and every girl knows that it is really uncomfortable to go to the doctor and say i want birth control like it’s just it is an uncomfortable thing if you’re not comfortable with your doctor but since i moved to sydney i don’t have a doctor here who knows me and i kind of end

Up going to those like you know be doctor surgeries where you just like take a number just walk in and then you walk out in a spock build so the doctors there i find don’t really care about you they just just in and out you probably fine take some medicine have antibiotics let’s not actually diagnose you let’s just give you medicine so this doctor that i went to

I’m not going to say a nationality because that’s just going to cause a stir but basically he was from a background where women are quite conservative and i could tell that from his accent from his dress from everything like how i just you can tell i could tell so automatically i felt uncomfortable because i thought that i would be going against his beliefs by me

Coming in young girls saying i would like birth control please he made me feel so uncomfortable this doctor judged me from the moment i walked in and opened my mouth and said that um he then proceeded to tell me that and this is completely wrong this is not like everything at all he told me that in order to be prescribed the pill which i’ve been prescribed twice

Before then he told me that i needed to go get a pregnancy test done a professional like blood test to prove that i wasn’t pregnant so that he could give me the pill i’m sitting there and i’m telling him my boyfriend has been overseas for like 7 months i haven’t seen him for seven months and he’s just like i need proof that you’re not pregnant so he’s basically

Sitting there telling me that i am being like unfaithful to my boyfriend and that’s why i want birth control i it just blew my mind that was really offensive to me and also it is not a thing at all you do not have to go to get a blood test to be given birth control you don’t need to prove that you were not pregnant to get birth control like so i said look okay

I’ll go get the blood test i walked out and i was like no no that is not happening i’m not doing that that it’s not necessary i couldn’t came back the next day and i asked to see a female doctor and when i saw the female doctor and i told her what had happened the day before and how he told me that she was like could not believe that he had even said that she was

Offended herself as a woman she couldn’t believe that i had been judged like that and i’d been treated like that by a doctor god help me if i’d come in with an sti like oh anyway so she prescribed me loveland again which i knew i had been on and i was like oh but i kind of couldn’t remember what had happened like i told her i’ve been on yasmin but she was against

Yasmin so she put me on loveland sir i took loveland for about a month and a half and everything went to like crap i was just breaking out everywhere my i was so moody everything possibly that could go wrong hormonal ii was going wrong i was gaining weight i was bloated all the time just everything so then i went back in this new doctor gave me yes yes it was a

May using again much like yattaman it’s sort of like the same family of pills and yes has this amazing little like contraption where it actually bits at you and tells you when you need to take your pill and it won’t stop beeping so you actually can’t be like oh do it later it’s so annoying that you have to get up and go get it because it was brilliant it made me

Take it exactly the same time every day i loved yes i still loved yours but then i had to stop taking it so yeah yes gave me periods from hell um i’m not just talking like i’ll just get a heat pack my stomach hurts a little bit i’m talking like i’m keeled over in pain i’m vomiting because the pain is so intense that my stomach is actually contracting enough to

Bring up my food that’s how much pain i was in and on top of that this is i think the scariest part of all i started getting spider veins varicose veins my legs arms around my boobs and just everywhere like spider veins i can deal with you can deal with but varicose veins i am not okay with other big veins that pop out and they started to pop out the back of my

Legs they’re not intense but that is the real reason where i stopped taking it because yes was one i want one of the ones that was known for causing blood clots and when i realized that my blood was like doing something funny like my veins are going funny i started to get a bit worried and then i actually started getting these little sort of clot like things on

My legs um where i would suddenly get like a sharp pain on an area of my leg and i would like touch it and it was on the outside of my leg but it was like there was a hard lump underneath and it sort of felt like like a burst sort of vein or something and then like you touch it and it would be hard and then by the next day um i would have like a bruise like that

Big so i was getting up with little burst veins and stuff i don’t know if that was like a clot or what it was but it was enough to scare me because i heard about like the the whole clot situation with yaz and yasmin um so i stopped taking that and i haven’t had since i stopped taking that pill i think like two months ago i’ve had like the shortest most elite like

No pain whatsoever in my periods it’s so normalized now i’m so happy it’s like my body’s like look steph you’ve been through enough um but yeah that is like all the messed-up stuff that i have had happen to me from taking birth control pills i just i find the whole birth control contraceptive pill thing to be so like so crazy like everything that we put ourselves

Through is so crazy and there’s like other options that don’t involve messing with your whole like hormone levels in the estrogen like all of that and i’ve been messing with my system for too long and i’ve had too many weird things come out of that and i think one of the most important things as women whether or not it’s like important to us now like i’m almost 23

I’m not worried about having children but in say like five years i’m probably going to be worried about having children so the fact that my birthing situation is like getting messed up by like pills that i’m putting into my body and like changing my hormones like hormones effects absolutely everything they really do and i think that’s one thing that we have learnt

Is that from taking these pills that change your moments they affect everything um i just really wanted to like open up a conversation i’m not saying don’t take the pill because for some people they work amazingly and like doctors and scientists say that it’s not actually an issue it shouldn’t affect your ability to like have children or your fertility or anything

It shouldn’t affect it so it’s totally safe to like take the pill but i just wonder like why do we put ourselves through so much like it’s so crazy like stuff that we go through from these pills um and it’s crazy that there’s no sort of like charge or like description of like what each pill has different levels of and what these levels can affect you with like

There’s no education on that and i think that we should be educated on that because not everyone is going to work with the same pill there should be like blood tests or something so they can test your levels or some and then they can match you to whichever one’s going to be best i just really want to open up a conversation to you guys and like share with you what’s

Happened to me and like please share down below what’s happened to you once again this isn’t like don’t take the pill if it works for you that’s so great the pill is amazing i would still be taking it if i hadn’t had those reactions um but yeah i think i just really wanted to talk to you guys about this because it’s a conversation that i always have with my friends

It’s a conversation that i have with like random women like if one person said something about the pill like 50 other women in the room will be like oh this is my story this is my story and like no one speaks about it online like so this is like a go chart that we would have in our bedrooms um and i know that my viewership is like mainly 18 to 24 so i think it’s

So relevant and to like you girls that are young and going into you know becoming sexually active or wanting to take it for like acne purposes or anything like that it’s really important to be aware of what you can go into i also think it’s really important that when you’re starting to take the pill that you are aware that there are numerous ones that you can

Take and that you can go to your doctor if you don’t like the effects you can very easily go back to your doctor and say please i need to change my pill that is so important you can change your pill don’t suffer like don’t suffer you can change it you can fix it i’m also really scared that someone’s going to go off and get like teenage pregnant now because i’ve

Said this but um yeah opening up the conversation i really hope you guys enjoy this sort of like real talk video i think i want to start doing some more sort of real talk sort of things about issues that affect us as girls and women i want to do one like maybe once every like few weeks but yeah i hope you guys all have a lovely rest of your day and i will see you

Very soon with another video goodbye hey guys welcome back to my channel hope you are having a fabulous day

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Why I Stopped Taking The Pill // Blood Clots & No Period for 10 Months? By Stephanie Bailey