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why i take my thyroid medication in the middle of the night

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When you take your thyroid medication matters!

So if you’re taking thyroid medication and you’re trying to figure out when you should take it or what you should avoid when you take it you’re going to want to watch this video i’m going to go over with you all my tips and tricks on taking thyroid medication and why i started taking mine in the middle of the night so something to keep in mind when you take thyroid

Medication is there’s a lot of different things that can affect the absorption of thyroid medication so you have to be very strategic and very very timely when you take it so for me personally i started taking mine in the middle of the night and here’s a couple reasons why there’s a lot of different types of things that can affect particularly minerals that can

Affect the absorption of thyroid medication things like calcium iron magnesium they can all affect absorption of your thyroid medication so you have to keep it away usually around four hours or so while a lot of people when we have hypothyroidism or even hashimoto’s we usually have mineral deficiencies and a lot of times when you take the minerals because you

Have a mineral deficiency you’re taking those twice a day so timing wise it’s really hard to get all that in when you need to you know space it apart and then still fit your thyroid medication in there as well now that’s not to say that you still couldn’t take your calcium magnesium iron whatever at lunchtime mesh and dinner timeish and then take your thyroid

Medication early in the morning but for me it was easier i like having my minerals in the morning and my evening so i always get up at least one time in the night to go pee so i just take my thyroid medication um the other thing is because i’m taking it in the middle of night i also don’t have to worry about anything that i’m drinking in the morning is that

Affecting it coffee is a big one and it’s really tough because when do most people drink coffee in the morning when do you take your thyroid medication in the morning so you need that to be spaced at least two hours some people need four but generally it’s around two hours you need to wait from the time that you take your medication to drinking your coffee and

Again that’s not the easiest thing to do so that’s why i just started taking mine in the middle of the night because then i don’t have to ever worry about anything that i’m taking any of my supplements anything that i’m eating is going to interfere you still want to wait at least i typically recommend usually the doctors will say wait 30 minutes i always say wait

60 minutes to eat once you’ve taken your thyroid medication again that can be very hard because if someone’s like i wake up take my meds and i gotta get out the door get to work um and you need to fit breakfast in there that can be a challenge so the way that you get around that is you just take it in the middle of the night now if you’re not very consistently

Waking up in the middle of night to go like pee or something like that that can make it a little bit challenging you want to still take your thyroid medication around this the same time each day it doesn’t have to be completely spot on sometimes i wake up at midnight sometimes it’s one um as long as it’s within a few hours then you’re totally fine but this is a

Way to get around having to avoid to to wait to take your other supplements or to um wait to eat or have your um coffee in the morning because like i said a lot of people like to have their coffee um even a lot of people will put their um drink um collagen in the morning because it’s a great time to do it get going in the morning or their apple cider vinegar and

Lemon juice cocktail that you see so much on that and that can even affect absorption you know if you’re doing that within 30 minutes you you want more time spaced out so just a really good way to kind of get around that i do have a lot more information as far as numbers when it comes to your thyroid numbers to see okay um am i even absorbing this medication

Is this even working how i’m doing the timing um i have a guide that’s called the secret during your thyroid blood test so you can look at what you need to be checked for your markers and the reference ranges then you can kind of tell all right what i’m doing is working i’m actually absorbing the medication now also keep in mind just because you’re absorbing

The medication and the numbers show up doesn’t mean you’re using the thyroid hormone that’s a whole other subject and i have a lot of videos on that um and information i can give you if you have questions about that definitely drop a comment below um but the guide can kind of help give you some more information as far as what you need to have checked for your

Thyroid markers so you can kind of go from there so just some extra information as far as that goes but definitely um consider how you’re taking your thyroid medication again there’s a lot that can affect the absorption so you want to be very timely with it and just be careful that you’re not taking things supplements um things like that that are too close to

Your medication or drinking your coffee it will definitely affect the absorption so let me know if you have any questions with that drop a comment below um if this resonates with you or again if you have more questions about how to take the medication and i will see you on the next video bye

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why i take my thyroid medication in the middle of the night By Angela Brown