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Why Mayo Clinic for complex cancer care – Mayo Clinic

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Deciding with your care provider what type of cancer treatment is best for you is a challenging decision. That’s why at Mayo Clinic, you don’t have to make that decision alone. Watch to hear what factors to consider when deciding where and how to be treated for your cancer diagnosis. Mayo Clinic cancer specialists and researchers solve the most serious and complex medical questions. Learn more about cancer care at Mayo Clinic:

The first thing to do when a patient is diagnosed is i tell that patient this is a scary moment we understand that to take a deep breath i think they should consider they should strongly consider going to the mayo clinic website we have an amazing amount of information on the mayo clinic website and if they feel so inclined to reach out to us because it’s very

Easy to do and then from there we can work with the patients to see if actually coming to mayo clinic makes the most sense for them patients and families should seek care at mayo for a number of reasons the data is very compelling that that centers that treat a high volume of tumors have better outcomes that’s everything from cure rates to complication rates of

Fewer complications from a surgical perspective from the medical perspective from radiation perspectives ideally if you’re able the the data is pretty compelling that the outcomes are going to be better if you could seek volume in a place that has a lot of experience with treating these brain tumors i tell patients even that i’ve come here first that i never

Have any problem with patients seeking a second opinion i think it’s always a good idea especially for rare conditions to seek a second opinion a lot of times it’s not because what you’ve heard before is wrong but in medicine which is a science there’s still a lot of judgement to people can look at the exact same information they curate in a complication rate

For a particular surgical procedure and one person will say it’s worth it and one person will say it’s not in the ideal situation the families would hear both of those choices and have the opportunity to weigh in to the decision making to be able to decide is this the right thing for me is radiation right is surgery correct is chemotherapy the best it’s always

Challenging when patients have to decide what type of treatment is best for them and that’s why it male clinic they don’t have to make that decision alone at mayo clinic we frequently meet to get as a multidisciplinary group then as a result we have many opportunities to make sure that we are treating in an integrated manner and that our patients are receiving

The best care they can we are blessed by having world leading experts in virtually every area of medicine and as a results it’s very easy to obtain opinions between ourselves and also the culture of mayo clinic is such that we really encourage close communication which means that all of our patients will benefit from that collegial environment i think some of

The factors for patients when they’re trying to decide where and how to be treated have to include their own personal circumstances so it isn’t always in their best interests to be treated hundreds of hundreds of miles or hours away from their loved ones and from their support network and under those circumstances we would often want to do our best to try and

Provide them and their local providers with appropriate support so that they can be treated closer to home there are certainly tumors that are uncommon where specialized expertise is required in order to try and optimize their outcomes and under those circumstances those patients really do benefit from being referred to a tertiary care facility where there are

Specialists and subspecialists who can best address their particular situation and provide them with the best chance at a good outcome i have a burning desire to try to make things better and and here at mayo i’m able to do that i’m actually able to use the experience that i’ve had to design clinical trials studies that i think will actually make a difference

For the future based on my experience with the patients and that’s true of all the staff here you

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Why Mayo Clinic for complex cancer care – Mayo Clinic By Mayo Clinic