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Why NMN Is Better than Niacin & NR To Raise NAD Levels | Dr David Sinclair Interview Clips

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Dr David Sinclair explains about why NMN is a better molecule to build NAD in our body compare to Niacin, NR and even NAD itself. Also on the effectiveness on taking NMN orally.

If you don’t know nad is a molecule that we need for life we have a lot of it in our bodies we make less as we get older and we destroy more as we get older we need to raise that back up um and so you typically if you’re my age i’m 52 now i would have about half the levels that i had when i was 20. so the idea is to supplement and to get those levels back up why

Because there are enzymes that control longevity so two ounces are the enzymes we work on and they need nad soda dna repair enzymes there’s a protein called part one that needs nad and so what how do you raise an ad well you can uh fast you can exercise you can also complement uh supplement that kind of a lifestyle with supplements you know i’ll be very careful

To say when it’s a mouse study versus a human study we do know from some human studies and a lot of male studies that you can raise nad levels in the body so let me tell you how to do that some people take nad now i don’t think that’s the best way given what i know about biology and cells because nad is a very big molecule and it doesn’t get taken up into cells

Very readily and probably what’s happening in the body is if you have an iv of nad it’s first broken down into its constituents but it’s the precursors and then rebuild so if you’re going to take it orally so take a pill uh it can be sublingual can be swallowed just as a powder or a capsule i do the capsules every morning with some water what you want to do is is

Take a precursor so how do you build nad what does the cell do it needs various components nad stands for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide and those are three components that you need so the nicotinamide part of it you can get as vitamin b3 but i don’t recommend to raise an ad levels by taking vitamin b3 also known as niacin or niacinamide or nicotinic acid this

Is just one part of a big molecule we need to build so you want to give all the components so what are the other components there’s the adenine which is a sugary molecule and then there’s a phosphate which is phosphorus which is oxygen and phosphorus put together so nicotinamide is vitamin b3 the sugar is the adenine now those two put together is nr nicotinamide

Riboside so you’ve got two out of three out of three components but if you take an r you still need that phosphate so phosphate where do you get phosphate in the body well it’s in your bones it’s in your dna your body needs to either take it from the outside or bring it from from your your bones or your dna so the the other molecule the one that i take is nmn

Etinamide right vitamin b3 mononucleotide which has the sugar in the middle it’s called the ribose and then the phosphate is also on there and it’s got the three main components to make an ad okay and so what we find in our experiments in mice and it seems true in humans um though we do need some more research is that if you take nmn it raises nad more readily

To higher levels because you’ve got all three of the components to build nad whereas with nr you only have two out of the three you just take niacin or nicotinamide you’ve got one out of the three but it doesn’t mean that if you take any of those it won’t help i just take nmn because i think that it raises nad levels the highest when you take it and some people

Say do you need iv do you need sublingual how should you take it well what i’ve done and with my colleagues at harvard is tested in people and what happens is if you take nmn over a certain amount of time which is about two weeks it’ll steadily rise up to about two times the normal levels of what i would have and so that that’s what i do but you don’t need to

Do anything fancy you just swallow it and it seems to get in quite fine into the body and raise those energy levels and why do you do that because we think that the body’s natural defenses against aging are heightened like we’re young again and there are some studies already that show that people have more endurance more oxygen capacity which is what we see in mice as well you

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Why NMN Is Better than Niacin & NR To Raise NAD Levels | Dr David Sinclair Interview Clips By Reverse Aging Revolution