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Why Use Myo Inositol and D-Chiro Inositol For PCOS?

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Dosage for PCOS? 40:1 ratio

All right i want to do a video on it’s not really a true vitamin it’s really an isotol has different forms and iso actually has nine different forms and i’m getting a lot of questions how does it work with insulin resistance what about pcos does it lower testosterone in males because i’m green i know that lowers testosterone and females how is it different for

Males and how is it different for females what’s the difference between myo and isotope and d chiral and isotope what is the difference between those two because i’m really confused what does it do with insulin sensitivity how can i use this to help me lose weight and again it’s not a true vitamin so keep on watching thank you hi there i’m dr jawad a

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Really a vitamin it’s what it is it’s a stereoisomer what’s a stereoisomer basically what that means is two more con compounds they differ only in the arrangement of their atoms so we’re looking at kind of like i would say like a starburst an isotol has many different types of subcategories okay it all depends on where the atom molecule is there’s two main types

Of an isotope there’s myo-anisotol and there’s d-chiro and isotope now these are the two most common isomers that are talked about when it comes to the anisotol family which is actually really not a vitamin collectively they make it into a b vitamin so this is really good stuff the supplement in isotol i want to talk about the difference between myo and isotol

And d chiro and isotope because that’s how i get a lot of questions about that and they do categorically serve at different purposes now with an isotope when it comes to males and females they work opposite for the females what is an isolate good and it’s all good for for pcos and acne and insulin resistance so what that gonna do that’s going to make the cells

More insulin sensitive so when it comes to the formation of pcos the females get the conversion of estrogens to increase testosterone and this is where they get the acne the hair loss when men it’s the opposite what happens with men is that we actually convert our testosterone to estrogen due to the same component and that’s insulin when you’re dealing with

The body and inflammation whether it be you’re a boy or a girl any condition that can make it worse is increasing insulin so the main component here is always going to be if you could control the insulin sensitivity and make those cells more less insulin resistant then you’re going to for females you’re going to bring down that you’re going to reverse the pcos

For males you’re actually going to help reverse too much estrogen which will increase your testosterone because i’m getting a lot of confusing questions about that about is it an isotope is that good for men does it harm men how is it good for females okay so let’s talk about an isotope what i want to do is it’s really an isotope the difference between myo and

Isotope and d-chiro and isotope now the goal the common goal is when it comes to an iso or even the conditions of the body you want to increase the sensitivity of your receptors now what happens is that if you’re taking too many carbohydrates or you’re too stressed out cortisol you’re going to make the cells less insulin sensitive and then that’s where it’s going

To cascade into any condition that you may have that you may be suffering from so let’s go back upstream if you could control the sensitivity of the receptors and make your cells more insulin sensitive then you’re going to be able to reverse really anything a lot of conditions that you may be suffering from now when it comes to an isotope now it’s good for an

Isotope is phenomenal for pcos insulin resistant acne diabetic neuropathy it’s good for controlling cholesterol it’s good for insomnia thyroid health so when it comes to fertility issues for men it makes your sperm increase motility and for females it helps regulate the menstrual cycle anisotol it’s correctly refers to molecules with a similar structure which is

The stereoisomers now it has nine identical forms and really the only thing that differs is the placement of the atom this is what makes it has nine different types of an isotope it’s a sugar alcohol that’s made from glucose so it’s not a true vitamin so what it is it’s an isotope and adenosine monophosphate otherwise known as amp and this is collectively collectively

Referred to vitamin b8 question is what’s the difference what’s the difference between myo and d cairo because collectively those are the two most popular kinds remember there’s many others but these are the two most popular kinds and they have different effects on the body now when it comes to the differences let’s talk about myo myo and isotol it’s the most

Common stereo isomer of an isotope that’s why a lot of people talk about myo now it’s most abundant in the foods we eat so we could consume it we can consume it we don’t make it ourselves but we can consume it it’s synthesized from glucose in the body and i think it’s effective on a metabolic profile okay so let’s talk about the benefits of decairo and isotope

Now the thing about decarbonisitol is that we don’t make it so it’s actually a derivative of myo and isotol it’s not abundant in foods now when we convert myo to d chiro it has an enzyme called epimeri now epimerase which again enzymes make things happen they help convert it’s stimulated by insulin so what if you’re insulin resistant then you’re not converting

From myo to d chiro effectively so the key thing is is to lower that insulin resistance make it more insulin sensitive so the conversion actually increases it helps reduce hyper androgenism why is it so important with females because with females with pcos what is pcos due to increased insulin what that does it creates increased androgens what are androgens

Androgens are your the male hormones the testosterones the dhea and this is where the pcos symptoms come in with the weight gain with the deep end of the voice with the hair growth acne same effect what happens with acne it’s too much androgen so this is where an isotope is good for men and for females as well so now the thing is here’s with an isotope with the

D chiro it’s very similar acts very similar to metformin who takes metformin type 2 diabetics why because they want to d they want to make their cells more insulin sensitive decrease insulin resistance now i think about an isotope and metformin metformin actually blocks the absorption of other b vitamins which causes other problems down the road with an isotope

There’s less side effects so the main goal is to increase insulin sensitivity because what again just to rewind increase insulin increase androgen so going backwards the main goal especially pcos and acne is that you want to make the cells more insulin sensitive how is it how does it differ with males and females when it comes to our hormones this is a question i

Get a lot so it helps restore the hormones follicle stimulating hormone and luteinizing hormone now in males and females for females what’s going to happen is that it’s going to help with fertility it’s going to help with the menstrual cycle it’s going to stabilize it so it’s going to help basically it’s going to help the ratio between the two for males this is

The question that i get is it going to increase or decrease my testosterone levels it’s actually going to increase it because what’s it doing it’s going to restore the follicle stimulating hormone and the luteinizing hormone which is good for testosterone and sperm growth and mater and motility it’s going to benefit both sexes in addition though i always say this

You want to always watch your diet because what’s the why do you have this situation because increased insulin what causes increased insulin too many carbohydrates too much stress i always say start with diet first okay so now what’s the dosage with this supplement now you can either take it together or you think it’s separate but the rule of thumb is you want to

Do a 40 to 1 ratio remember because myo and isotol converts over to d cairo okay so when it comes to the dosage now you could either take a separate or you could take it together now when you if you take it separate or separate or you’re looking at the dosage remember it’s a 40 to 1 ratio so you talk about myo and isotol to d cairo why is that such a big ratio

Because it converts and if your insulin if your insulin resistance that conversion is not going to occur effectively so for pcos i always recommend pcos and fertility with males and females you want to take 4 000 milligrams of myositol and 100 milligrams of d chiro because this is going to help control the insulin levels which helps stabilize the hormones it’s

Going to improve insulin sensitivity and the lipid and glucose levels okay so i hope this helps if you have any questions or comments please leave them down below and i’ll see you next video be good thank you

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Why Use Myo Inositol and D-Chiro Inositol For PCOS? By TheJDocRealMinute