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Why Women Take Vaginal Estrogen Tablets for Vaginal Dryness and Vaginal Pain – Dr. Mache Seibel

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Click for FREE estrogen eBook. This survey explains why women switched to a vaginal tablet from vaginal estrogen cream or rings. Vaginal estrogen can reduce vaginal pain and vaginal dryness. Interview with Mary Jane Minkin explains why women switch from vaginal estrogen creams and gels and vaginal estrogen rings.

Everyone i’m dr. mei seibel i’m so excited to be here in orlando florida at the annual meeting of the north american menopause society we’ve got experts gathered here from all over the world to bring you the latest information on menopause i’m so excited to share this information with you ask you to introduce yourself i’m a shine mary jane lincoln and you are a

Gynecologist and namm certified menopause practitioner i’m here at the menopause meetings in orlando and you just gave a wonderful presentation on well i don’t know if it’s wonderful but i gave a presentation on vaginal estrogen therapy mm-hmm and tell us what you found okay well it’s just a study of women who were using vaginal estrogen tablets there are many

Different forms of vaginal estrogen that one can use their vaginal estrogen creams rings and tablets and the question is that although they’re all effective the questions arises what motivates women to use one method as opposed to another so this was actually a survey of women who are happily using the vaginal estrogen tablets who had switched previously most of

The women had switched from the use of a vaginal estrogen cream although if you had switched from a ring previously so these are women who came to be using a tablet vaginally who may have been using another type or form of estrogen correct and when we were looking at is why did these women switch what motivated the switch were they happy with their new product and

Indeed these women seem to be quite with a new product the survey about 18 women and the woman were equally divided basically that half the women under age 58 capsule over age 58 and they had vulva vaginal symptoms symptoms of vaginal dryness or pain with sex or urinary symptoms frequent urinary tract infections and it was interesting that the women basically in

The older group and the younger group have at the same kind of complaints as far as vaginal and urinary symptoms mm-hmm and that the women cited reasons things they were white why had they switched that they were didn’t like the messiness of the cream linking out they didn’t like to use the applicator and clean it out afterwards they thought it was not hygienic

Some of them on some of them were concerned they were not using the lowest dose of estrogen possible and of course the north american menopause society has a set of guidelines that say you should use the lowest dose so these were aesthetic reasons that caused them to seek another option right is that the reasons are also concerns about health issues and these

Women seem to be quite satisfied with their choice the reason the way the ring users had switched some of them were unable to remove the ring easily some women can feel it with sex some that women noted their partners could feel it with sex and that their choice of change and about so a hundred percent of the women had switched to a vaginal tablet right they had

Switched from rains creams and some had used both and different kinds of and had made a decision that for either aesthetic reasons are the belief that for health reasons they prefer the vaginal pill and that in fact was a satisfactory experience and was helpful to them right exactly they were satisfied with her choice they were more compliant with its use used

It more regularly they felt they were getting good effectiveness from it and they liked the less leakage and the more of ease as you pointed out ascetic pieces they confirm it any other things you want to ask just the theme we have that we have a lot of ways to take care of women as far as vaginal dryness and that i think just to emphasize to our listeners that

They’re certainly very nice over-the-counter remedies for vaginal dryness products like or plans things like that and of course lubricants for sex but if women aren’t achieving as much comfort as we like them to they shouldn’t have any hesitancy to talk to their health care providers about alternative choices including many choices imagine olestra which quite

Effectively white settlers thanks along thank you to exercise you

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Why Women Take Vaginal Estrogen Tablets for Vaginal Dryness and Vaginal Pain – Dr. Mache Seibel By Mache Seibel MD