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Why You Should Not Ignore POTASSIUM | The Most Important Electrolyte | High Potassium Rich Foods

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Did you know potassium is an electrolyte that helps the body function optimally? Learn more about potassium-rich foods and the best time to eat them to prevent potassium deficiency. Please share this video with friends and family to help them benefit too. Together let us aim to promote wellbeing and make this world a better place to live in. Thank you!

Namaskar in our food we often think of protein fibers vitamins but we tend to ignore one very important chemical and that is potassium yes potassium is a mineral that your body requires for its optimal functioning of itself it is a type of electrolyte focusing on only one type of nutrient and ignoring the other can create lots of imbalance in our body sooner or

Later similarly not consuming sufficient potassium can over time lead to some symptoms like muscle cramps or weakness nausea confusion irritability low blood pressure diarrhea frequent urination dehydration paralysis and change even in our heart rhythm in fact muscle cramps are the first sign of deficiency of potassium involuntary contraction of the muscles in our

Leg can cause leg cramps potassium plays major role in our body the mineral aids in the function of our nerves and the contraction of the muscles it helps to keep the heart rate in the normal range it also helps supply of nutrients and waste material into and out of the cell for healthy male and appropriate potassium consumption is 3 400 milligrams per day and

For healthy adult female 2 600 milligrams per day also mostly when we talk of potassium we think of banana yes undoubtedly banana is the excellent source of potassium at any time of the day if you feel weakness or dizziness or even leg cramp quickly reach out for a ripe yellow banana it will instantly replenish the lost electrolyte and make you feel comfortable a

Medium banana contains around nine percent of the daily value of potassium apart from banana there are many other potassium reeds put that can assist to maintain a healthy potassium level of our body or it can also raise potassium level when it falls low so now i will tell you about some potassium rich food and when you can eat them during the day so that you can

Keep the potential level at the optimum throughout the day breakfast and snacks as i mentioned earlier bananas are rich in potassium so incorporate this healthy fruit in your breakfast either eat one whole banana directly or add it to your porridge bowl or make a smoothie from milk and banana apart from banana fruits like avocado watermelon and pomegranates are

High in potassium dried apricots are excellent source of potash just half cup of apricot which is equivalent to 65 grams of dried apricots provide 16 percent of daily value of potassium you can rehydrate yourself with coconut water early in the morning or in the afternoon coconut water is not only a hydrating drink but it is also a great source of potassium with

13 percent of daily value in one cup during lunch and or dinner you can include potassium rich vegetables like sweet potatoes beetroot yam and suran potatoes butternut squash or kadu also beans and legumes are excellent source of protection and can be had during lunch time so to ensure that your body gets enough potassium include a balanced potassium-rich food

In your daily plan make sure that you are not eating too much or too little protection it can cause heart palpitation shortness of breath chest pain and vomiting or even hyperkalemia a life-threatening disorder usually i have noticed that children as well as grown-ups also they love potatoes they go on eating potatoes all the time potato chips potato vegetables

Potato with gravy and too much of this would be wrong food needs balance and so bring all the other things other vegetables nuts and all other things which are rich in high source of protection but not excess so learn to stay healthy and fit by bringing a quality in your personality which is moderation everything which is good should be consumed but in moderation

Everywhere you have to apply this principle and you will be able to live a much healthier and better life so take care namaskar

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Why You Should Not Ignore POTASSIUM | The Most Important Electrolyte | High Potassium Rich Foods By The Yoga Institute