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Why You Should Quit Coffee ? – The Health Benefits of Quitting Caffeine

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Coffee is known as the magical cure that solves all problems and headaches in the morning. However, it doesn’t come without a cost, and there is nothing such as ‘free energy’.

Coffee what somebody said something about coffee  ? hello and welcome back to my channel if you’re   engineer living in paris and in today’s video   impacts of caffeine consumption this video might   go against the widespread opinion about coffee and  you might be wondering why you should listen to me   well first good question

You can still listen to  me and you decide for yourself whether you want to   continue drinking coffee or not and second i did  major in biomedical engineering at university so   i know how to read a scientific paper and third  i’m not gonna be inventing anything all i will   papers articles or books all the resources  

Will be linked in the description box so you can  check them out and make your own opinion you know   i always encourage you to do your own research  and this is only my findings after research i’ve   done so please do your own and always follow your  instincts because we are all different with that   being said let’s get

Started like many people  i used to live for coffee i remember in the   lockdown the main reason i used to wake up early  is to enjoy my cup of coffee in the morning before   starting work however i’ve never been a heavy  drinker i only drink one cup of coffee every day   and this before 11 a.m because i’m very sensitive 

To caffeine and if i drink too much i cannot sleep   at night so every morning i would skip breakfast  and replace it with a cup of black coffee to feel   energized and alert and i used to do intermittent  fasting and without a cup of coffee i would feel   very hungry and cannot make it until lunch so  because i was having

Just one cup of coffee   every day and i thought it was not interfering  with my life since all doctors said that coffee is   zero calories so it was basically free energy so  why not have it every day the problem is the days   that i didn’t have coffee i would feel very tired  very depressed and i would like the motivation

To   do anything and that’s when i start questioning  how addicted am i to caffeine so even when i start   questioning my addiction to caffeine i made all  the possible excuses to justify this to myself   not your favorite and i know i’m making no   friends by saying this but please hear me out  until the end and you

Can judge for yourself   caffeine makes us feel alert focused happy and  energetic even when it’s actually not the case   it acts as a stimulant for the central nervous  system it gives us weight by inhibiting the work   of a molecule called adenosine this molecule is  formed from the breakdown of atp which is the  

High energy molecule the work of adenosine is to  slow down your body through different action like   muscle relaxation or decreasing your heart rate  so what caffeine does is blocking adenosine from   locking to your brain receptor so it activates its  work that’s why sometimes when you drink coffee   you might notice that your

Heart rate or your  blood pressure might increase okay enough with the   science i hope it includes some of you watching in  conclusion caffeine inhibits the inhibitor which   makes it a stimulant caffeine will also boost  your energy by increasing your levels of cortisol   which is the stress hormone cortisol is usually 

Released when you are in danger so all your senses   will be in alert mode when your stress is high  your brain is sending a message to your body   that it needs energy and alertness to escape the  danger while that might be okay once in a while if   you are if you didn’t have enough sleep or maybe  you’re jet liked it cannot be

The case every day   by drinking coffee every day your body is on alert  mode all the time so you are damaging your body’s   natural responses and you can no longer trust your  symptoms another thing is that coffee boosts your   positive feelings by increasing your dopamine  levels dopamine is the hormone responsible  

For feeling pleasure and that’s exactly what was  happening to me every morning when i had to drink   my cup of coffee to feel happy the way we feel and  the way our body reacts are mainly linked to our   lifestyle so if you feel tired sad or you can’t  concentrate most of the time you need to find out   why this is scary and i

Totally get it addressing  certain problems might lead you to question   everything about your life your job your family  your friends how happy are you with your life   out why and address the root of the problem   along with increasing your cortisol level caffeine  even in small doses interrupts the production of  

Melatonin aka the sleep hormone you might say  now and that’s exactly what i used to say but i   only drink coffee in the morning well even if you  drink coffee in the morning a significant amount   of caffeine will still be in your blood by bedtime  in fact the half-life of caffeine is six hours   so for instance a 200 milligram

Cup of coffee by  9 a.m will still leave you with 50 milligrams of   caffeine in your blood by 9 pm and you should also  count for other foods that contain caffeine such   as tea or chocolate you might be saying now yes  but i fall asleep very easily i have absolutely   no problem to sleep at night well yes even if  you

Succeed to fall asleep at night it won’t be a   quality sleep meaning it won’t be restful and deep  and then it’s a vicious circle because you wake up   tired so you reach for coffee to have a quick fix  and then at night you have a poor quality sleep   to go for two weeks without caffeine and see   how it will improve your

Sleep quality and your  energy levels in the morning your brain adapts   to regular consumption of caffeine which decreases  its stimulating effect that’s why you might find   that over time you need to consume more and more  coffee to feel as energetic and alert and if you   suddenly quit coffee you might experience some 

Withdrawal symptoms such as headache depressed   mood or fatigue but in few days or weeks your body  will adjust and you will feel energetic again as i   said before caffeine puts your body in a fight or  flight mode by increasing the levels of hormones   causes the liver to release sugar into the blood   for energy since your

Body thinks it is in danger  it needs energy to escape and run and if you add   to this that you are probably stressed for your  daily life then your blood sugar levels must be   all over the roof the problem is when your blood  sugar is very high this is called a hyperglycemia   your body will secrete insulin that will trigger a 

Rapid crash so you will find yourself reaching for   more coffee or more sugar when you understand this  mechanism you can’t tell me that coffee or tea are   accepted during periods of fasting because that  demonstrates a poor understanding of the human   body as a whole and that also explains what i said  in the beginning that i

Couldn’t do intermittent   fasting without drinking coffee so even though  you have eaten nothing drinking coffee will   increase your cortisol level which makes your  body undergoes gluconeogenesis meaning it turns   your protein aka muscle into glucose and this of  course contradicts the whole idea behind fasting   which

Is to keep your blood sugar low your body  doesn’t know that you are self-inflicting this   stress all it know that it is in danger and it  needs glucose so if you had to make glucose from   your muscle then of course it will studies have  shown that caffeine consumption is linked to the   development of cysts in women especially

Those  with pre-existing hormonal imbalances think pms   pco and endometriosis it also affects fertility  and reproduction because of the constant stress   in her book beyond the pill dr jolene brighton  says that caffeine interrupts hormonal balance   and stress she recommends going caffeine   free for 30 days noticing

The changes and then  reintroducing coffee slowly and noticing how   maybe it’s not for you usually when a woman is   pregnant the doctor recommends she stops drinking  coffee and alcohol but research has even shown   that consuming coffee before the conception period  increases the risk of early pregnancy loss by 74  

And this applies to men as well caffeine is also  linked to hormonal imbalance low libido and weight   issues so not good for us ladies that’s it for  me guys i hope you enjoyed this video i tried to   keep it light there is a lot more to say about  coffee but i couldn’t put it all in one video   called the coffee cult and i’ll

Link it in the   description box if i couldn’t convince you to quit  coffee i’m sure this article will as i said in the   beginning this video is absolutely not here to  judge you i still drink coffee once in a long   time maybe if i’m traveling and i need that boost  of energy so please if you make this decision do  

It from inform plates and also buy organic this is  non-negotiable i will leave you with more articles   and videos so check the description box if you  want to further your knowledge about coffee and   caffeine as always if you made it so far thank  you so much for watching question everything   do your own research and follow your instincts 

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Why You Should Quit Coffee ? – The Health Benefits of Quitting Caffeine By Soukaina Kanice