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Workout Vlog : *Sudafed & Preworkout don’t mix!*

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So this is just a follow up to ‘week 2’ Vlog. I didn’t get a chance to talk about it during that video so here it is! Be careful when you take sudafed before a workout… especially at night hahaha

What’s going on youtube is november 30th the last day of november i just wanted to make a beginning of week update following over from the end of week from last week’s vlogs so yeah here it is there’s going to be a little advisory in the description and that’ll kind of get you in in the frame of what i’m going to be talking about i want to make this pretty short so

What happened was tuesday night i was tired all day woke up really congested and i still haven’t kicked it but anyway i’ve really congested so i get home just really tired feeling like crap contemplating whether or not i should go to the gym so i tell my wife and she’s like well you should take a sudafed and this is after we’ve eaten dinner and everything and again

Mind you i go to the gym at about ten-thirty eleven o’clock every night and it’s about 8 30 is when she you know told me i should take sudafed so i was like all right yeah good idea so i’m thinking that taking the sudafed um it should start to clear up you know by the time i get to the gym so i should be good to go well since i was so tired i ask my wife if she

Could wake me up um you know like half an hour before i normally go to the gym just so i get a little catnap get some energy built up well i fall sleep and is about nine o’clock right so about eight thirty nine o’clock i took my i took the sudafed i i wanted to wake up around ten so i could start to get ready take my pre-workout huh but i ended up sleeping longer

Than i would have liked because apparently when she kept trying to wake me up i just kept shooing her off just kept on now 10 more meds so finally she ended up throwing something at me and i woke up like what the hell are you doing she’s like i’ve been trying to wake you up every 15 minutes but you just keep you know shooting me away so i get up quick it’s 1030 now

So i get up take my pre-workout which is the stuff c4 and i can always tell when that stuff kicks in cuz my lips start tingling and they’re kind of numb um and uh so you know i’m driving to gym you know my numb my my lips for getting dumb am i all right cool it’s kicking up and you know get to the gym um i had a kick-ass workout i think that’s i think that’s in the

Video from last vlog when i was like sweating and stuff see i mean iii kicking us work out you know tons energy you know just tons of energy and normally my routine is i’ll come home fix myself a shake hop in the shower and then climb into bed you know i’m in bed by like you know one thirty in the morning well i come home fix myself shake and i’m still pumped i’m

Still jacked up just pumped and i’m like my man i shouldn’t be this pumped up like my body’s tired but my mind is just racing so happened the shower thinking that that might kind of you know call me down hop in the shower get out hop in bed and i’m just tossing and turning the whole time i felt bad because i kept waking my wife up and i get up you know walk around

The house lay back in bed get out walk around the house lay back in bed and at one point actually went to living room and played some battlefield or some the star wars battlefront on xbox and so you know it’s like three thirty in the morning now and i’m like is going on it’s never happened like this before and you know i’m like my pre-workout has never done this well

I was thinking i’m just sitting there and i’m like i’m like wait a second isn’t doesn’t sudafed kind of you know can’t that kind of like make you a little high strung sometimes you know i thought i heard somewhere that it has you know the forget the name of it right now hope but um we’re the in fata means or something that kind of makes you a little high-strung and

Then i’m thinking i’m like i’m well i took my pre-workout and then i have that stuff in my system like no wonder why i you know my mind’s racing i can’t sleep so i usually get up for work at six thirty i finally closed my eyes about 5 45 in the morning i was thinking about just staying up but i figured you a little sleep is better than no sleep so i forced myself i

Mean i did whatever i could just you know just go to sleep so yeah the rest of that day sucked i get to work i’m telling people i’m like hey i’m only i’m like half an hour sleep right now and you know they’re all laugh at me and stuff so depending on depending on what side of the fence you’re on you know i mean like if you if you’re tired at work and you go work out

Right after work take a sudafed at like noon and then take a pre-workout yo pete you’ll be good to go but i’m never doing that again that it really sucked cuz then the following day thursday was thanksgiving which i had a cook a turkey over by my sisters you know and by the time we ate after after dinner you know i’m just dead tired trying to trying to sleep on the

Couch my son’s run up to me you know waking me up my wife is like you know why are you laying down what’s i’m like i’m tired um so yeah that was about it so that’s my little update warning don’t take sudafed and your pre-workout you up so that’s the beginning of work update i have some more things i’m kind of gonna try to do i’m gonna be putting out another video

Soon kind of explaining my channel and again if you’re still watching i can’t really picture a whole lot of people watch my channel um again i don’t think i’m that entertaining but uh you know this is just kind of so i can keep track keep myself on track of what i’m doing but yeah i’ll make another video kind of going over my hobbies and you know stuff like that

You know what more you want to see out of my videos that’s about it see you guys later now get out

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Workout Vlog : *Sudafed & Preworkout don't mix!* By RayRay3866