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Xyng & Detox talk on Niacin..

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Here is a video about xyng and how it flushes toxins from your system and builds muscle! But this is also why I wait and take XYNG with a morning shake or food!

Hey everyone this is your director of product peter griscom here today i want to talk really briefly about niacin now there’s some really common misconceptions out there about niacin particularly when it comes to the nice and flush so let’s jump into those right now now first and foremost niacin is a pro is a b vitamin it’s an essential b vitamin it’s found in

Zing as well as in spring and relatively low doses but the reason that we use niacin is because of its profound effects at maintaining and promoting healthy cholesterol levels now it’s so good at that in fact that it’s one of the most commonly suggested supplements by cardiologists so it’s very very powerful as far as it goes now the thing with niacin though is if

You take a little bit too much niacin more than your body can use at that particular time it can cause a niacin flush which is when your capillaries open up your skin turns a little bit red you get a little bit of tingly sensation now this typically lasts about 10 to 20 minutes and then it subsides okay but it does in fact happen from time to time it’s not gonna

Happen necessarily to everyone with zing or with spring but it does happen something to be aware of now i’ve had a lot of people tell me all of the running buds are driving to the doctor they think they’re having this crazy allergic reaction and then the feeling goes away now the biggest way to tell the difference and most people will not have an allergic reaction

Choosing or to spring okay there’s not any common allergens and either of those things but the biggest way to tell the difference is your throat doesn’t actually close up now you may be panicking and things like that but it’s not a big deal it’s just a warm tingling sensation your skin turns red okay so no big deal there now there’s actually benefits again it’s

Mildly detoxifying when you have that nice and flush okay get some toxins out of your system so that’s a possible benefit of it if you don’t particularly care for the nice and flush and you are in fact getting it a great way to possibly reduce the chance of you having the niacin flush is to take the product with food okay that can reduce the chance of that now the

Reason why we don’t use no flush niacin is because these health benefits we’re talking about for niacin have not been shown to extend to no flus niacin in the same levels right you’re not going to get the same benefit in that dose from no flush niacin that you get from nice so we wanted to use the most efficacious ingredient possible that is why we pick niacin

Niacin is a fantastic compliment choosing an to spring and is an essential part of your daily life again is an essential b vitamin meaning your bodily functions can’t happen without it okay a lot of bodily functions can’t happen without it so you absolutely have to have it it’s a great addition in there it’s nothing to be concerned about if your skin gets red and

Itchy no big deal it will go away and the great news is too if you don’t like the niacin flush again as you take nice and your body gets used to that dose becomes more efficient at utilizing that and the nice and flush pretty much goes away okay so there you go niacin very very short very much to the point but nice and a great thing the nice and flush is not a bad

Thing either nothing to be concerned about

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Xyng & Detox talk on Niacin.. By Cori Allen • CLAllenThinkTankStyle