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You must do the things you think you cannot do.

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“You must do the things you think you cannot do.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

Hello everybody and welcome to i guess the michael esposito show that’s not exactly what this is this morning i wanted to go live this morning in order to speak to all of my followers all my friends here on instagram on facebook on all of my social media platforms and share with you what’s going on what i’m doing what’s what’s going on in my life i had so many

Friends and family members ask okay what’s happening with the shining light video podcast show you you’ve ended it you’ve stopped it what’s going on with it and i’ve had a lot of really great great feedback and i wanted to say hi to everybody that is in the chat i see my mother’s here hi mama um so i want to just catch everybody up as to what i’m doing what’s

Going on what i’ll be putting out going forward in the future and this will be a very quick video this will be a very quick live but i just want to share this with everybody so i’ve had some really really great feedback on the show the shining light video podcast show a lot of people that i’ve seen out and about have told me that they’ve been watching the show so

It’s kind of weird because i’ve kind of been quarantined and in my little bubble so i don’t really know or hear the feedback i mean sometimes i’ll see in the comments or i can see how many people have watched it but to go out with my mask on and have some social distancing i went to a social distance 60th birthday party recently where we all met in a parking lot with

Some of my basketball friends and and other friends and some of them said that they watch the show and i had no idea that they were watching the show and they actually enjoy the show so it’s it’s pretty cool and a lot of people who have been on the show and that i’ve been in contact with were sad to hear that i was ending the show but i just want to let you all know

That i’m not ending the show i just put the show on pause i’m just taking a little break just taking a little time to myself a little time off from the show so that i could work on some other things and bring you guys some more content and some more valuable content quite honestly so it’s just a little pause it’s just a little time off and i’ll be bringing the show

Back and i’ll share with you a little bit about that um i just have to uh get myself together to be able to to to go forward here so let’s let’s just start this off how i typically like to start everything off is with a positive quote and my quote today is from eleanor roosevelt and i think it’s very fitting with what i want to do so it’s you must do the things

That you think you cannot do so in other words we have to challenge ourselves we have to keep moving forward and so you know when i think of the shining light video podcast show that was a challenge for me that was something that i didn’t know if i could really pull off or do but i did it and i and i have to continue to do things like that so right now what i’m

Doing is i’m working on a content calendar and if you don’t know what a content calendar is it really is just putting together different forms of content which is what the shining light show is which is what this is today putting together different forms of content and scheduling them so that you can know what to expect and which days to expect it so for instance

Right now i’m not exactly sure as to what days the shining light video podcast show will take place but just to give you an example let’s just say every thursday i would put the show on and so you would know to expect every thursday the shining light will be on and maybe as i used to do my quick tip tuesdays every tuesday you know what to expect so that’s what a

Content calendar is so right now i’m just working on what my content calendar will look like so that i could put out really great content for all of you that’s valuable that’s exciting that resonates with you and that you really want to get your hands on but also i don’t want it to be every single day because i want you to be able to say hey you know what i like

His quick tip tuesdays not a big fan of the show and that’s okay but at least you get the tips on tuesdays or you love the show and maybe you don’t necessarily need the tips either way i’m putting out something that is enjoyable for you so i’m looking at probably kicking that off in july hey good morning joe so that’s that’s looking to be kicked off in july um

Something else that i want to share with everybody is what i’m doing presently so as i just said i’m going to be kicking off in july my content calendar so i’m going to be putting out a whole week’s worth of content for all of you to be able to enjoy but currently what i’ve been doing is i just started and as some of you know from from my podcast from my video

Podcast show i’ve talked about the mindful living program i just started the program as of yesterday so one of the pieces of my content calendar one of the pieces that i’m going to be putting out for all of you to enjoy and to watch and to share with me in is my video diary and actually today right now is my very first video diary i’m going to be sharing with you

What i’m learning from the mindful coaching sessions that i have with matt alfonso i’m going to share with you just a little tidbit not going to get too personal i’m not going to dig too far into it but just sharing with you what the program’s about what i’m getting from it and uh and then also of course how you can maybe contact matt if it resonates with you and

It’s something that you want to do so let me just jump into that right now so i just started the mindful living coaching program which is an eight-week program with coach matt alfonso and matt alfonso is going is helping me guide me through finding clear decisions and things of that nature right so we just had our first meeting yesterday we just had our first

Session and before we had our first session i had to go through and write out a whole bunch of different things such as like what are my goals what are my expectations of the program you know what are my challenges what are my strengths what are what are things i want to work on uh what’s what’s causing me maybe some anxiety what’s causing me some blockage in my

Mind and i had to write all that out which was you know quite a challenge just to find time to do that let alone writing it all out and thinking about all these things and so i started doing this with him i started the program yesterday we met at 1 30 uh and we we met via zoom and we had a great conversation started off with here’s what i want to talk about matt

Here’s some of the things that’s going on in my mind and um he went through some of my strengths with me so i’m going to focus on that for a second because it’s really really important that we focus on this especially when we think about what the quote that i just read to you from eleanor roosevelt which is you know overcoming your pretty much overcoming your fears

I don’t remember exactly the quote but you all get the gist of this right so i’m going through with matt you know some of my anxieties that i’m having some of the things that i want to do and accomplish and i’m talking to him and i’m letting him know hey these are my anxieties these are like uh you know some blockages that i’m having and as we’re going through all

Of that and he’s listening and listening he now it’s his turn to kind of share with me what he’s thinking and it was really cool because he went back to this sheet that i had filled out the day before he went back to some of the things that i had said earlier that i felt are my strengths and he said michael you know you have this blockage but here’s your strengths

And here are the the list of strengths that you have that are going to help you overcome some of this he and one of the things he was saying is really like michael that’s in your mind because these are your strengths and so you’re thinking that you have an anxiety about this but you actually have a strength against this and you know what i’m going to give you an

Example so you could kind of just be there with me in a second right one of the things i was talking about is meeting new people virtually um i i’m kicking off several programs and i’m doing zoom meetings virtually and i’m meeting completely new people that i never met before virtually and i mentioned to him i said you know i’m a little anxious about that and he

Said michael one of your strengths is meeting people and having great conversations with new people physically why would that change virtually yeah there’s a little bit of a learning curve in everything when we’re meeting virtually but you’re going to be able to do it you’re going to use the strength that you have of meeting people you’re going to use the strength

And the knowledge that you have of how to have an engaging conversation with somebody ver in physically and you’re going to use that virtually so so why would that be a burden to you and then you know and that was one example that i’m bringing you into the session personally but really what i wanted to share with you about that session is more of the fact that

What what he did and what you could do right now at home is he just kind of went through the list of my strengths and was able to apply that to the things that i’m nervous or scared or having anxiety about doing going forward and he just took those strengths and he matched him up to that and he said this is how you’re going to overcome it using my own strengths

And we can all do that at home we can just sit down write down some of your strengths don’t be modest it’s very important don’t be modest think of what your strengths are you know i’m a basketball fan and you know lebron james he’s he’s one of the best he is the best basketball player to me right now and if you said to michael jordan excuse me to michael jordan

As well right if you said to lebron james michael lebron james what are your strengths he would say dunking shooting hitting it in the post there’s nothing wrong with that right because that’s what he’s really good at and that’s what you have to do too you have to sit down and say what are my strengths and go through those strengths because those are what’s going

To help you overcome your challenges and help you move forward and so that’s some of the insight that i got from matt alfonso’s program yesterday and from our session together i’m looking forward to a really really great session with him coming forward going forward he sent me an assignment that i have to do and i’m going to look at that i haven’t even looked at

It yet but i wanted to just share that moment with you i’m going to be doing these video diaries after my sessions with matt i’m not exactly sure what exactly our schedule is going to be right now we meet on wednesdays but there’s some things going on that we might be changing that so right now i’m going to be doing my video diaries on thursday mornings after my

Sessions with matt i’m going to share with you one or two of the things that we worked on and and hopefully that helps you in your day hopefully it helps it’s something that can you can help move forward with and and i’ll leave it there i’m gonna i’m gonna wrap up now because i didn’t want this to be too long i just kind of just wanted to share with you some insight

Give you a little idea as to what i’m working on what i’m planning on doing and then of course i wanted to share with you this program because matt is a friend of mine matt is somebody who’s a part of my local community he’s he’s just started this business and i want to support him as best as possible so i want to promote him as best as possible so let me just let

You know if you want to learn more about this program about the mindful living coaching program i know matt’s looking to get one or two more spots in there so if you want to learn more about it you could dm matt on instagram at matt alfonso with the number one on instagram matt alfonso number one on instagram and dm him or dm me if you want me to help you get in

Touch with him and check out the program um i mean you just you just heard what i just experienced from my very very first session with him so you could just imagine the value that you’re going to get out of it too and um like i said i’m all about supporting local and uh he’s a local guy he lives right in our local area i know i could when this quarantine’s over

I can go out and shake his hand and i think that that’s really exciting and i want to support her that and speaking about supporting local always always have to mention hv gold and ramon pinero who’s always supporting local businesses in our region he has the um excuse me uh the hv gold um i’m trying to think of the name of the facebook group i’m so sorry ramon i

Can’t believe i’m i’m drawing a blank here on the hudson valley hudson valley uh network facebook group which is one of the largest facebook groups in the hudson valley uh networking facebook groups i’m so sorry i’m off my game today i’m sorry everybody but if you go to to buy your ten dollar discount card and you enter the promo code fch uh ramon

And hv gold rewards will donate eight dollars to forgotten children of haiti’s fundraisers and we always appreciate that thank you ramon i gotta get back on my game everybody on on promoting some of the people that are supporting me and are supporting local business hey i want to thank everybody on here for for tuning in today for checking out my my live broadcast

This morning i want to thank you all so much i want to thank all of you for all of your support all of your love and i’m going to be bringing out some more great content for you but stay tuned for these video diaries i’m going to share these with you and if you have any questions or comments please leave that in the comment section i’ll be happy to address that

I want to thank everybody that’s on this live with me right now i see greg romans on here joseph uh joe durak i saw my mother out here so hello to everybody a couple other people thank you so much for tuning in and i’ll see you all very soon so as always stay happy and stay healthy and thanks for watching bye everyone have a great day

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“You must do the things you think you cannot do.” By Michael Esposito INC