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Young Onset Parkinsons Treatment – Levodopa Infusion Therapy

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Young Onset Parkinson’s Treatment in Dubai – Levodopa Infusion Therapy

Good afternoon i am sasha mr feller man’s daughter a parkinson’s disease patient about 2010 my mom felt like there’s really something wrong with my dad it’s not just a simple fatigue because um his walking started getting rougher every day and then his penmanship also um changed um sometimes he would stutter so we went to the like the best hospital in the

Philippines and then there we found out that he was um suffering from parkinson’s disease he used to be this jolly person always outgoing very sociable he was the life of the party of his friends with what his uh suffering we saw how drastically it changed him so from being that that jolly person he became this very shy very conscious and very distant we started

Asking the doctors if there are any other um thing that we can do besides drinking the medicines but we were told that it’s the only available solution in the market and we are very lucky and extremely grateful for the dubai government to to you know to allow my dad to become a resident here and my mom’s company to give my dad the same benefits that they are get

Uh they’re giving their employees i’m not saying it’s an unfortunate event but he actually tested positive for the kovid and then the silver lining of it was he met dr vinod because he was um he was admitted here in king’s college hospital when he tested positive for coronavirus and then there’s this um nurse miss joe bill she asked my dad uh what’s the problem

Why is he uh shaking so much so he told him about the his medical history and then she told him that oh sir we have this great doctor in king’s college hospital and he specializes with parkinson’s disease patients i thought okay it’s again it will be just like we’re going to tell my dad’s story the doctor will give medicine and then that’s it i’m not you know

I’m not expecting so much because it’s been more than 10 doctors that saw him and then they’re just saying the same thing but on her way back home inside the car my mom told me that this doctor is actually different he’s really looking at his patients and he explains everything thoroughly and if there’s any question he would entertain everything i’m dr vinod mata

I’m one of the consultants interventional neurologists and moment disorder parkinson specialist king’s college hospital london dubai young filipino patient he was a professor of economics i think and so he served this country and taught so many students for the last 15 years and since parkinson’s hit him since last seven to eight years ago i believe and his tried

Range of oral medications range of available treatments even i understood that he went to india and also other countries almost important bet for any clinician is to gain trust in the patient so that’s what i did i have to counsel patient himself i have to explain to the family this treatment is nothing but liver dopa treatment what is taking currently nothing but

Cinemato syndopa what you call it as and this is in a gel form and it’s not instead of taking orally we infuse the treatment through the jejunum by passing stomach and deodorant i actually preferred that he will be a good candidate for introducing liver dopa the reason why i’ve chosen international liver dopa for this a is a very young onset parkinson’s disease

B he was trite range of moral medications and he reacted very badly to dopamine agonists in the past and responded very well to liver dopa because he’s already suffering for 13 years now so um it’s considered as advanced parkinson’s so after this do a dopa treatment the mr vinod mehta um with dr ray chowdhury they told us that in a month time everything will

Get better hello i’m professor ray chowdhury here speaking to you from king’s college hospital in london but i’m also leading up the deodopa or levodopa infusion program which is currently operational at king’s college dubai with my colleagues dr vinod mehta who’s coordinating the clinical aspect of this important international program along with dr guy chung

Fey a foremost expert in the implantation of this device through which the deodor is infused into the person with parkinson’s just background parkinson is projected to become an uh condition with epidemic proportions in the next 20 to 30 years 1 in 50 of us who cross the age of 80 will go on to develop this condition treatment for advanced phases of parkinson

Is therefore crucial and at the moment in the united arab emirates such treatment provisions are a little bit scarce we have availability of deep brain stimulation but what we bring into the via this program at king’s college to buy is the ability to offer something else to our patients in the united arab emirates and probably further afield and this relates

To infusing liver dopa the gold standard of treatment for parkinson’s through an externally administered tube which goes in through the through the mouth into the stomach and then into the jejunum implanted expertly by dr gai chung fei who has an international reputation in the field and through it and through an externally fixed pump deliver this drug at a

Very precise rate into the duodenum from which the drug is absorbed straight into the blood and gives the patient ability to overcome their parkinsonian symptoms motor and non-motor on a 24-hour basis hello my name is dr guy shonfaye i’m a consultant gastroenterologist and part of the judo infusion program here at king’s college hospital dubai the judo infusion

Programme is led by professor ray chowdhry and dr vino mehta who are both world-renowned experts in the field of parkinson’s disease and movement disorder the geodopa program is a way of directly infusing the right sort of medication directly to the small bowel in order to deliver the precise dose of medication to maximize the benefits and minimize any side

Effects this is done by inserting a small tube into the abdominal wall into the stomach and directly into the small bowel this is guided by a small endoscopic camera which is inserted through the mouth and guides the tube into the right position parkinson’s disease is a neurodegenerative disease like i would say like diabetes and hypertension both are treatable

But not curable he came to my clinic completely wheelchair-bound with the refractory tremors after introducing liver dopa infusion you can clearly see he had a sustained um response now he’s able to walk he be able to do his exercise he used to like obviously used to do all these exercises yogas before and also used to able to you use his cutlery that the family

Was telling me he didn’t able to use his cutlery uh knife and fork for the last five years i’m very glad that this treatment made a life life change changing impact on the patient and also the carer now the daughter is saying that is she wants to go back to her college and i wish her all the best i would like to thank the entire king’s college hospital london

Dubois management team for their extending their support for implementing this successful second deodopa implementation program at king’s dubai

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Young Onset Parkinson’s Treatment – Levodopa Infusion Therapy By King’s College Hospital UAE